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How to Block an External Attack with FortiGate and Flowmo...

It’s a question we hear often - how to use Flowmon to block an attack? Flowmon is not an inline appliance to stand in the path of inbound traffic, so we partner with 3rd party vendors who supply eq...


ADS 11.2 – More than ordinary blacklists

Improve your security posture with community Indicators of Compromise and use reputation data to detect threats in encrypted traffic.


Flowmon 11.1 – A time-saver

High-level information and speedy configuration for the busy network administrator.


How Flowmon Helps to Detect SUNBURST Trojan Attack in You...

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System from Kemp now contains Indicators of Compromise (IoC) for the SUNBURST trojan specifically. Users of the Flowmon network detection and response (NDR) tool can check...


Bridging Visibility Gaps in Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

When cloud adoption shifts from a new trend to daily reality, it causes headaches to everyone responsible for the performance, availability, and security of business services or apps. How do you mo...


Flowmon and Kemp Together. Why it Makes Sense

For more than a decade we have been concentrating our best talents into two areas. Improving technology and making our products available globally. Now, the time has come to massively scale up our ...


Load Balancing and NetSecOps - What’s the Deal?

Kemp, known for its well-tuned and easy-to-use load balancer LoadMaster, has acquired Flowmon, extending its product portfolio and growing through acquisition. So you may ask, how does the technolo...


ADS 11.1 - Point-and-click Analysis

Insight and ergonomy for the smart security analyst.