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Publishing & Securing Legacy Applications

In the previous blog post, we discussed load balancing essentials and methods of traffic distribution among the...


Investigating Network Anomalies – A sample workflow

Network anomalies vary in nature. While some of them are easy to understand at first sight, there are anomalies that require investigation before a resolution can be made. The MITRE ATT&CK framewor...


Understanding Load Balancing Essentials

In this post we’ll review some of the essential ideas in Load Balancing to help you understand how to get the best configuration for your application.


Kemp Flowmon Packet Investigator 11.1 - A new user experi...

The Kemp Flowmon Packet Investigator 11.1 is easier to use and covers a broader scope of root-cause analysis scenarios.


Boost Your Situational Awareness With Kemp Flowmon ADS 11.3

The new Kemp Flowmon ADS 11.3 enhances your contextual understanding with built-in knowledge of adversary tactics and techniques described in the MITRE ATT&CK framework.


Science of Network Anomalies

Today’s networks have evolved a long way since their early days and have become rather complicated systems that comprise numerous different network devices, protocols, and applications. Consequentl...


The Kemp Flowmon Roadmap for 2021

Your feedback, current trends, and a good chunk of innovation are what shapes the current and future face of our solution. Read on to find out what is coming in 2021.


Flowmon Detects Windows DNS SIGRed Exploitation

The vulnerability called SIGRed (CVE-2020-1350) has been around for 17 years, during which time it was present in Windows Server operating systems from version 2003 through 2019 and received a maxi...