Flowmon Pricing

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis
  • End-user Experience Monitoring
  • Application and Servery Latency
  • SaaS Applications Performance
  • Cloud Infrastructure Visibility
Example of a medium-size project

500-1000 end-points monitoring

$40–80,000 in 3 years
Network Traffic Analysis and Anomaly Detection
  • Unknown Threats Detection
  • Malware Detection 
  • Seamless Integration with SIEM
  • Network Behaviour Analysis & Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Investigation
  • Automated Incident Response
Example of a medium-size project

500-1000 end-points monitoring

$60–120,000 in 3 years
DDoS Protection and Mitigation Control
  • Automated DDoS Protection
  • DDoS Mitigation Using BGP Flowspec 
  • Comprehensive Network visibility
  • DDoS Protection as a Service
  • Redirection to Scrubbing
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
Example of a medium-size project

Monitoring of multi-10G uplinks to the internet and peering partners

$80–160,000 in 3 years

Leaders trust Flowmon

"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before.”
Masahiro Sato CTO
"Flowmon gives KBC with its Flow based Network Performance Monitoring tool 
a great overview of the dataflow metrics 
in the network so that the network health can be easily assessed. In case of an issue the tool allows very fast and efficient troubleshooting by visualize the traffic that is causing the problem.”
Marc Deamen Senior Systems Engineer

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