Flowmon Pricing

Network Operations
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Encrypted traffic analysis
  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Application and server latency monitoring
  • SaaS applications performance monitoring
  • Cloud infrastructure visibility
Typical project
From $10,000 yearly
Network and Security Operations
  • Unknown threat detection
  • Malware and malicious activity detection 
  • Seamless integration with SIEMs
  • Network behavior analysis & anomaly detection
  • Automated incident response
  • Automated forensic details
Typical project
From $20,000 yearly
NetOps and DDoS Protection
  • Automated DDoS detection
  • DDoS mitigation using BGP Flowspec 
  • Mitigation to 3rd party scrubbing solutions
  • Dynamic thresholds
  • Tiered mitigation
  • Multiple link monitoring
Typical project
From $15,000 yearly

Leaders Trust Flowmon

"The combination of great value for money, our experience with the vendors’ support and their feature-set sealed our decision. Flowmon provides the flexibility we need to grow with our clients’ future business needs."

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Joost Westerbeek IT Network Engineer

"We’ve been working with Flowmon for over 3 years now. What makes our organizations similar is a strong focus on innovation. This is why they have always understood our needs and we can rely on their technology and support at all times..."

Check the GÉANT case study
Evangelos Spatharas Head of Security

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