Network Monitoring and Visibility

When network professionals have to manage an increasingly complex IT environment, ensuring the reliability, availability and security of business services has become very demanding. SNMP monitoring is not enough anymore. The answer to these challenges is the flow-based network traffic monitoring (flow monitoring) technology which provides administrators with a deep understanding of what is happening in their networks.

Flow Monitoring

Understand and optimize network performance

Flow-based network traffic monitoring tools provide IT professionals with detailed network visibility to streamline troubleshooting, network operations and optimize the performance of an entire IT environment. Flow monitoring bring numerous benefits and reduces the financial cost of managing the network for everyone – small, medium and enterprise businesses, government and academic institutions.

What is more, utilizing flow data statistics for security needs opens completely new possibilities for security engineers. The so called Network Behavior Anomaly Detection technology provides them with advanced network security monitoring for the automatic detection of suspicious activities, attacks and advanced threats that bypass traditional solutions. Visit Network Behavior Analysis & Anomaly Detection to learn more.

Why Flow monitoring? These are the benefits:

Flow monitoring screen

  • Real-time network traffic visibility to have your network under control

  • Operational and configuration issues are detected and identified immediately

  • Infrastructure is better protected against external & internal security threats

  • Quick troubleshooting and ticket resolution for network & security administrators

  • Substantial reduction in network implementation, operation and management costs

Flowmon, a clever network performance monitoring and security solution

Flowmon solution is a comprehensive platform for network monitoring and visibility, based on flow data and Network Behavior Anomaly Detection. It includes high-performance flow statistics generating Flowmon Probes for monitoring all types of networks up to 100 Gbps, Flowmon Collectors to display and analyse network traffic and modules for advanced functions and analysis. What is more, Flowmon utilizes information from the L7 layer which allows the user to solve more than 95% of the network operational issues with one tool! Learn more about network monitoring and security.

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Network performance monitoring and security solution

"Flowmon solution is widely used in our company both by network and security engineers. Everyone receives the most important information necessary for their work.“

Robert Grabowski, Security Expert of ICT Systems at Orange Polska

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