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When the quality of service is essential, datacentres globally utilize Flowmon network traffic monitoring to ensure performance and provide reliable, value-added services and build strong relations with their customers.

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Flowmon for Datacenter Performance Management

Efficient, reliable and cost-effective IT is a must-have for datacentre operators today. As businesses shift their IT more and more to a multi-tenant infrastructure of datacentres, enhancing performance and providing added value services are the key differentiators.
Flowmon network monitoring  is a comprehensive solution utilized by datacentre operators for optimizing internal network performance and for delivering advanced security services to customers. A leading-edge flow-based (NetFlow/IPFIX) network monitoring technology brings IT operations a powerful tool to control and enhance the performance of datacentre physical and virtual environments. Also, a set of advanced Flowmon modules with fast ROI allows datacentres to extend their business by new services. Flowmon is trusted by datacentre operators globally bringing them:

  • Network visibility for quick troubleshooting

  • Effective IP accounting, billing and capacity planning

  • Comprehensive reporting (personalized reports on traffic volumes, security issues, etc.)

  • Security monitoring and anomaly detection for internal use.

  • Security as a Service (SECaaS), Application Performance Monitoring and other modules to extend datacentre services.

Flowmon to extend datacentre services

Flowmon is used by datacentres to provide advanced services to their customers. Thanks to its performance, scalability, reporting capabilities and support for multi-tenant environments it fits the needs of large environments with diverse infrastructure. With Flowmon, datacentre operators can offer advanced services such as SECaaS (Security as a Service), protection against DDoS attacks, application performance monitoring or full packet capture for network forensics.

Flowmon for Datacentres
Anomaly Detection System for protection against botnets, APTs,
zero-day malware and other threats that bypass traditional solutions.
Application Performance Monitoring allows to identify and troubleshoot application performance issues.
DDoS Defender for the detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks
led against critical web applications.
Traffic Recorder for complete data communication recording (Full Packet Capture).

About Flowmon

Flowmon provides a complete portfolio of solutions for flow-based network visibility and security. Flowmon Probes are the most powerful enablers of advanced network traffic monitoring in the world generating flow data at wire-speed on up to 100G network lines. Collectors are dedicated for processing hundreds of thousands of flows per second. It provides complete network traffic visibility via automated reports, customized charts and statistics of users for quick troubleshooting and protection of customers against cyber threats. Flowmon modules extend the probe/collector functionality and enable the advanced analysis of flow statistics. These modules are beneficial tools with fast ROI appreciated by customers all around the world.

"Flowmon is an extremely valuable tool to automate the process of monitoring our own datacenter infrastructure as well as client systems.“

Piotr Szalony, System Engineer at itWorks

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