End-User Experience Monitoring

Identify bottlenecks and resolve latency issues caused by networks, servers and applications. Measure fault, performance and availability of your local, hosted or SaaS applications.

Application performance directly influences user experience, and user experience affects business.

It is important that applications run smoothly and their latency is crisp. As SaaS and cloud applications are seeing increasingly widespread use, the task of keeping them live and responsive requires a keen forensic eye.

It can be difficult, for instance, to determine whether a loss of latency is down to the server, network or application. Particularly in larger networks, this can be very time-consuming.

The Flowmon solution supplies precisely this kind of information. Its Application Performance Monitoring module tracks transactions for every user and measures delays caused by the application, network or server to tell you exactly where to troubleshoot, whether it is slow response time or availability issues and saves hours in troubleshooting time.  

Because the solution does not rely on software agents, it works completely unobtrusively and at no cost of performance. In addition, it can be deployed on any platform or operating system.

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