Monitor User Experience and Optimize Application Delivery

Progress® Flowmon® can track real-time user experiences and proactively manage application performance to cut down on problem-solving time, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

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Monitor experience

Improve Your Network Resiliency to Support Mission-Critical Services


Troubleshoot Up to 95% of Root Causes

Gain deep insights to troubleshoot up to 95% of root causes, minimizing downtime and enabling a smoother user experience.

Know and respond

Know Everything, Respond Faster

Get real-time monitoring insights on usage, applications, users, devices and network services to help you stay ahead of issues and maintain peak efficiency.

Wide platform support

End the Blame Game

Reduce ambiguity with improved visibility into your infrastructure. Understand root causes more clearly and foster a collaborative environment focused on resolution, not blame.


Optimize Your IT Technology Stack

Integrate network bandwidth and health, traffic analytics, forensics, performance monitoring and packet capture in a consolidated dashboard across cloud and hybrid environments.

Clear, Actionable Insights with Deep Intelligence on Demand

Imagine an automated dashboard built by choosing your widgets from a library of predefined ones, showing red/green statuses to understand network health immediately, without having to toggle between multiple dashboards.

Get Answers to Questions, Like:

  • Which users experience the worst application responses?
  • Which transactions return error codes?
  • How severe is the impact of remote access?
  • What are the relationships between user and backend transactions?
  • How much does the cloud provider’s infrastructure slow down my application?
  • Are my internal users productive?
  • What are the long-term availability SLAs for my application?

Optimize Performance with Comprehensive Application Visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility into your application delivery chain. Identify bottlenecks, prioritize bandwidth, and troubleshoot errors effectively.

Track the interactions between the user and application/database servers to gain visibility into the application delivery chain. Collected metrics are correlated to pinpoint elements responsible for latency issues and other bottlenecks, enabling quick troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.
Monitor user experience and measure application vs. network and application vs. database delays, with server response time, round trip time, jitter, retransmissions and delays.
Manage and prioritize bandwidth by application, so critical applications receive necessary resources.
Track and analyze application error codes and gain insights into frequent or critical errors that might affect performance or user experience. This feature helps in quickly identifying and addressing application-specific issues that could lead to downtime or suboptimal performance.
The solution is deployed passively, on a network level, without any interference with the application servers of code. It offers a predefined gallery of dashboards for quick insights, streamlining the controls for your apps with improved precision and clarity.