Flowmon Collector

Flowmon Collector provides network administrators and security engineers with a deep understanding of what is happening in the network. Use its powerful features to get absolute control over the bandwidth utilization, optimize network/application performance, troubleshoot quickly and keep the network protected against modern cyber threats.

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Flowmon NetFlow/IPFIX Collector

Network Visibility

With Flowmon modules, the functionality of Flowmon Collector is extended by the advanced analysis of flow statistics. Learn more about Flowmon Anomaly Detection System for network behavior analysis, Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring for driving application value, Flowmon Traffic Recorder for complete data communication recording and Flowmon DDoS Defender, a solution for the detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks.

Flowmon Collector is a powerful standalone appliance providing detailed network traffic visibility. The solution is dedicated for collection, visualization, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX and other flow data) generated from routers, switches, firewalls or specialized Flowmon Probes. With a well-arranged user interface it allows administrators to have absolute control over the network to troubleshoot operational issues quickly, enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats.


NetFlow Statistics

With Flowmon Collector IT managers benefit from:

  • High Performance. The collector is built to scale up to 300k flows/s per appliance. With large disc capacity and a database system developed for fast data processing it fits the needs of medium and large businesses.

  • Intuitive management, visualisation, reporting, alerting. Flowmon Collector offers a comprehensive set of tools for both network administrators and managers. A well-arranged GUI, broad network traffic visualisation capabilities, managerial dashboards, automatized reports and alerts help to get the network under control at every point.

  • Full compatibility protects investments. Flowmon Collector is compatible with all IP networks, devices and vendors so you can easily gather flow data exported from your routers, switches, firewalls and other devices. Flowmon Collectors support all the major flow data standards (NetFlow v5/7/9, IPFIX, sFlow v2/4/5, jFlow, NetFlow Lite, Net Stream and cflowd) including NBAR2, MAC addresses, HTTP information, VoIP statistics and other information.

  • Distributed Architecture. Are you running a large network environment in different locations? Flowmon Collector is an ideal solution to serve as a central point for long term storage and analysis of flow-data from multiple branches.

  • Comprehensive Portfolio. Flowmon Networks provides a wide range portfolio of scalable hardware/virtual NetFlow collectors for all kinds of networks from 10Mbps to 100Gbps. Choose between models fitting the needs of small and midsize businesses and our powerful hardware-accelerated devices meeting the needs of demanding networks of datacentres, ISPs or carriers.

  • Easy Deployment. The intuitive device deployment and configuration allows a user to have a functional NetFlow Collector very quickly without the need of additional investments. Thanks to REST API, the appliance can be easily integrated with the rest of your infrastructure.


Flowmon Collector is delivered in several hardware configurations differing in performance (the number of processed flows per second) disk storage capacity and RAID type. The basic configuration is the compact 1U solution with the software RAID 5 and storage capacity suited for a small number of data sources or short statistics history. Models with larger storage capacity and hardware RAID 5 or RAID 6 are 2U appliances available for medium or larger networks. Flowmon Collector can be also delivered in the form of a virtual appliance for deployment in virtual environments.

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Flowmon Architecture

Flowmon Monitoring Center

Flowmon monitoring center (FMC) is a professional tool for effective NetFlow statistics analysis. It is optimized for storing and processing high amounts of statistical data. For this reason, it is suitable for both networks with a small and high number of probes. Statistics are intuitively displayed in transparent graphs and tables for various time windows. FMC further allows advanced users to specify requests and filters on stored NetFlow data that enables those users to easily and quickly find particular communications, incidents or anomalies. The captured NetFlow data is stored in NfDump format, so users are free to use a large variety of NfDump-based tools to improve the functionality of Flowmon Collector. Another feature is user defined automatic notifications and alerts of undesirable situations or anomalies.

Flowmon Monitoring Center

"The instalation of Flowmon is very simple and intuitive. Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility that we previously lacked. “

Masahiro Sato, Operations Network Engineer at SEGA

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