Flowmon Packet Investigator Automated PCAP capture & analyzer

Flowmon Packet Investigator (FPI) is a network traffic auditing tool that automatically records and analyzes full packet data. Combining automated PCAP analysis and built-in expert knowledge, it provides you with an instant deep understanding of emergent issues and offers suggestions for a remedy.

Locate the root cause

Autonomous investigation of DHCP, DNS, FTP, IMAP, IMF, POP, SIP, SLAAC, SMB, SMTP, IP, TCP, SSL, HTTP.

Reduce MTTR

Let the analytical engine locate the root-cause, describe it and recommend a solution.

Record your traffic

On-demand and on-event L2-L7 network traffic recording (packet sniffing).

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Instant analysis

The Flowmon Packet Investigator performs an automatic decision-tree analysis of network protocols, their dependencies, RFC specifications and errors from a PCAP file, giving you an immediate number of issues found as well as their severity.

Built-in expertise

The FPI houses decades of combined networking experience provided by our in-house experts. By expanding the analysis results, you can browse through the individual analysis steps and see explanations of the possible root-cause of issues including recommendations for remedial action.

Automatic capture

Never drop a packet. You can record packets manually, upload your own PCAP files or the FPI can performed automated policy-based packet capture, e.g. upon security event detection, at speeds of 1G–100G. The rolling buffer retains a number of packets from before the event occurred, making sure that no history is lost.

Functional versatility

The FPI is built to cover a broad spectrum of protocols with the number constantly rising. Identify malfunctions or misconfigurations of critical network devices (ARP, DNS, DHCP, ICMP, NTP), expose client/server encryption incompatibility (SSL/TLS version, encryption algorithms, certificates), application protocol stack issues (HTTP, Samba, FTP, IMAP, POP, etc.) or IoT issues (CoAP, IEC104, GOOSE, MMS, MQTT).

"Flowmon Packet Investigator helps us to automate troubleshooting, which means we can spend less time in Wireshark PCAPs. Instead of going through packets manually, we know immediately what kind of issue we are dealing with and what the root cause is. And because we don't need deep knowledge of network protocols to use it, packet analysis is made available to every member of our IT team."
Jan Kovařík
IT Center Coordinator

Speed up your Wireshark investigation

The FPI is like an extra team member.

Packet InvestigatorWireshark

Required skill set

Operator, Junior admin, L1 engineerAnalyst, Senior admin, L2/L3 engineer

Primary use case

Automated root cause analysisManual troubleshooting, forensic analysis

Packet capture

Monitoring appliances, 1G/10G/40G/100GDiagnostic laptops, hosts, usually 1G

Capture control

Central control and schedulingManual on individual locations


Triggered capture & REST APINone or homegrown scripts

Stages of automated packet analysis

1. Getting the data

The FPI captures full-packet traces on-demand via automated, manual, and scheduled triggers, or lets you upload your own file.

2. Analyzing the PCAP

The analytical engine investigates the packet traces via an intelligent decision-tree analysis.

Analyzing the PCAP

3. Looking for errors

The FPI looks for RFC deviations and unexpected occurrences and translates the errors into intelligible explanations.

Looking for errors

4. Visualizing the results

You can see the number and severity of issues located with the option to view the full analysis right away.

Visualizing the results

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