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"Flowmon is an integral part of a complex system that collects network data from partner institutions and detects traffic anomalies, allowing us to enhance the interception capability of each organization with a global security perspective."

Stanislav Bárta Head of the NTA Department

"Our customers trust us to help them achieve success through the smart adoption of technology. The visibility that Flowmon provides, combined with stellar customer care, gives us the confidence to uphold this trust. The solution met our requirements to the letter, and it only took our engineers a second to learn."

Jan Dvořák Product Manager

"With the data from Flowmon, we can immediately move to resolve performance issues and make sure that degradations don’t hinder our ability to deliver high-quality parts to our customers."

Ing. Massimo Petrini Factory Manager

"We hold customer centricity as one of our core values, and Flowmon is a necessary enabler of our ability to uphold our commitment to unwavering Internet service and steady growth."

Hoang Viet Anh Senior IP & Security Specialist
"We have a responsibility to the public to keep our infrastructure functioning reliably for an indefinite length of time. Because of the pandemic, we had to quickly adapt to new circumstances, and Flowmon has been integral to the transformation."
Dott. Alessandro Risso IT Director at Provincia di Cuneo

"Our priority was to improve the visibility of our infrastructure, as in our manufacturing segment network outages automatically lead to financial losses. So we decided that besides the tools such as Cisco Prime we would invest in a flow data monitoring solution..."

Peter Skorvanek Network Administrator
TatraAir BankEONAVGMoneta Money BankTDK

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