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"With Kemp Flowmon, we receive an alert whenever there is any important occurrence on our mission-critical servers. Thanks to the solution, our IT department is kept up to date on any relevant issues in real-time and can confidently step in and remediate."

Carlo Bergalla IT Director
"With the Kemp Flowmon solution we can be certain that no issue goes unnoticed, giving us time to step in and remediate. The insights we get enable us to adopt a proactive approach to operational network management and thus ensure unwavering service delivery to all our customers."
Martin Keprt Head of Cyber and Physical Security Management

"At Eurona, we cannot afford to risk our good relationship with customers by providing a fluctuating service. But with insight from Flowmon, we always know what to do to provide them with the best we can."

Alejandro Reguart R&D Manager

"Flowmon is an integral part of a complex system that collects network data from partner institutions and detects traffic anomalies, allowing us to enhance the interception capability of each organization with a global security perspective."

Stanislav Bárta Head of the NTA Department

"Our customers trust us to help them achieve success through the smart adoption of technology. The visibility that Flowmon provides, combined with stellar customer care, gives us the confidence to uphold this trust. The solution met our requirements to the letter, and it only took our engineers a second to learn."

Jan Dvořák Product Manager
"The Kemp Flowmon is our go-to network troubleshooting tool that helps us resolve interlope network issues and provides us with insights into any threat activity that would put our company expertise in jeopardy."
Attila Spisák CIO and Facility Manager
TatraAir BankEONAVGMoneta Money BankTDK

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