Network Monitoring for Customer-Centric Service Delivery

For carrier-grade ISPs handling enormous volumes of traffic, it is paramount to effectively balance the upstream to prevent their customers from losing connectivity. CMC Telecom is one of the top Internet Service Providers in the Asia-Pacific region, providing customers throughout Vietnam with 100 % connection to all major content providers in the world.

Deployed products

  • Flowmon Collector


“We need a solid basis to optimize the network quality and analyze the usage habits of each customer,” says Hoang Viet Anh, senior IP & Security Specialist at CMC Telecom. “Without continuous in-depth analysis of outbound traffic, including parameters like delay or packet loss, we’d have difficulties running and planning our operations. That’s why we deployed Flowmon.”


Ensuring smooth service

The outgoing traffic of the entire network is analyzed to optimize services depending on the behavior of individual customers and international connections. The system also watches over all the network nodes to evaluate their performance and provide ground for optimization planning and upgrades.

Data from edge routers is collected, so CMC Telecom can quickly decide which services should go through which gateway routers. “When a problem occurs,” continues Hoang Viet Anh, “our NOC engineers can immediately investigate it, optimize the route for the customer, and have a report ready right away.”

If the traffic exceeds a set threshold, or if there is a high incidence of delays or packet losses, CMC Telecom’s engineers receive an alert so that they may step in before the customer feels it.

“We have also set up profiles for each customer to manage user permissions with ease.”

Assuring SLAs

By implementing the solution, CMC Telecom has gained a rich source of insight to analyze its upstream and prioritize accordingly. “We hold customercentricity as one of our core values, and Flowmon is a necessary enabler of our ability to uphold our commitment to unwavering Internet service and steady growth.”


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