Flowmon Gold and Platinum Support

Gold Support and Platinum Support are comprehensive services ensuring customers full support for their Flowmon solution. Thanks to Gold Support you get automated access to upgrades, fast system support and extended hardware warranty with Next Business Day on-site hardware repair. Platinum Support extends Gold Support with other premium services. Keep the highest possible performance of your Flowmon solution and maximise your investment with our Support service.

Gold Support

Benefits of Flowmon Gold Support

  • Next Business Day Warranty – a certified technician solves your hardware problem on-site by  the next business day.

  • Regular updates and upgrades – all software updates and upgrades are available with Flowmon Gold Support.

  • Extended hardware warranty – for up to 5 years.

  • Expert maintenance – our support department is ready to help you with product configuration, system administration and resolving any problem that appears. The support includes access to the web customer centre, support via phone and email (in working hours 8/5), remote support over SSH and consultation with our network / security specialists.

  • Flowmon Threat Intelligence for Flowmon ADS – with the Gold Support programme you receive the most up-to-date, trustworthy databases for the precise detection of infected end-points / communication with botnet command & control centres. With Flowmon Threat Intelligence you also always have the latest detection methods so you can identify even zero-day threats and other unknown risks.

Flowmon Platinum Support

Platinum Support includes all benefits of Gold Support service and brings other premium services:

  • 24/7 phone support, mission critical 4-hour* on-site service for hardware repair available 24/7.

  • Keep Your Hard Drive service waiving the requirement to return a failed drive under warranty when you receive a replacement.

  • Cases opened by customers with Platinum Support are processed with high priority.

* Availability may vary by country. Mission critical 4-hour repair for HW components does not include SW configuration. Critical hardware components are stored in distance appropriate for the 4-hour delivery. Other hardware may be available the next day.

How to get Flowmon Support Service?

Flowmon Gold and Flowmon Platinum support can be purchased together with Flowmon licence or any time during the duration of your licence. The service is valid for 12 months and available for all Flowmon products. Once purchased Support service can be prolonged before the expiration of the service. For more information about, please contact your Flowmon Partner or drop us an e-mail to [email protected].

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