Make Your Network Run like Clockwork

Flowmon is a leading-edge network monitoring and analytics solution bringing context-rich visibility for mission-critical IT operations.

Actionable Monitoring and Analytics for Network and Security Operations Teams

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
All networks. Single dashboard. Manage reliability, availability and security of your services confidently.
Cloud Performance Visibility and Analytics
Capture packets. Generate NetFlow. Monitor and analyse cloud traffic just as your on-prem infrastructure.
Network Traffic Analysis and Anomaly Detection
Stop cyber threats. Automate detection. Respond quickly. Deal with risks that bypass perimeter and endpoint security.
Detection and Automated DDoS Mitigation
Real-time detection. Automated Response. Flexible Mitigation. Ensure always available connectivity.

Results First

"Flowmon gives KBC with its Flow based Network Performance Monitoring tool 
a great overview of the dataflow metrics 
in the network so that the network health can be easily assessed. In case of an issue the tool allows very fast and efficient troubleshooting by visualize the traffic that is causing the problem.”
Marc Deamen Senior Systems Engineer
"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before.”
Masahiro Sato CTO

One Solution to Rule the Network

Use Flowmon to get absolute control over the bandwidth utilisation, optimise network/application performance, troubleshoot quickly and keep the network protected against modern cyber threats.

SaaS Applications Performance Monitoring

Monitor latency between your corporate site and SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps. Get historical trending overviews and instant alerts in case of performance degradation.

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Network Behavior Analysis & Anomaly Detection

Automate detection of operational and security anomalies in your network. Stop cyber risks that overcome perimeter or end-point protection.

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Network Monitoring & Visibility

Leverage detailed network visibility based on NetFlow/IPFIX to streamline troubleshooting, network operations and optimise the performance of the entire IT environment.

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Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Simplify the enforcement of security policies. Keep the desired level of protection with real-time encrypted traffic assessment in a non-intrusive and privacy preserving way.

Automated DDoS Protection

Minimise financial and operational impacts of DDoS attacks. Automated detection, adaptive response and mitigation via 3rd party appliances or cloud scrubbing ensure your resources will always be available.

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End-user Experience Monitoring

Drive the value of your applications. Identify bottlenecks across all delivery components and provide an understanding of latency issues to the IT teams involved - network, server, application.

Seamless Deployment & Vendor Support

Turn your network into a sensor or leverage technology synergies to maximize ROI of your investments.
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Join the hundreds of customers powering their monitoring and security with Flowmon. We will provide you all the information you need for decision making.
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The average ROI is 320% in 1 year.

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