Network Security and Monitoring Solution for Public Sector

Flowmon helps government organizations to enhance the security of sensitive data and systems against advanced cyber threats that bypass traditional solutions. Ministries, municipalities, operators of critical country infrastructure, computer incident response teams, the army and police globally rely on Flowmon when detecting and dealing with advanced threats, botnets, DDoS, data leakage and other modern risks.

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Flowmon for security in government organisations

Flowmon is a comprehensive solution for network monitoring and visibility, utilizing leading NetFlow/IPFIX technology and Network Behavior Anomaly Detection technology. It provides a detailed, granular awareness of what is happening in the network via automated reports, visualisations of traffic statistics and communication characteristics.

Flowmon delivers a high performance tool for:

  • Real-time network traffic visibility to have your network under control
  • Proactive detection of threats undetectable by other technologies
  • Quick troubleshooting of network failures and performance/configuration issues in applications
  • Effective provisioning and executing security policies across an entire network
  • Having under control  the behavior of all devices and users connected to a LAN
  • Monitor the quality of services and SLA

Easy to deploy and use

High performance

Clever reporting

Full network control

Expert support

How you can benefit from Flowmon solution?

  • Simplifying IT operations. Advanced automation, detection and intuitive GUI of Flowmon solution helps network security engineers to troubleshoot quickly, save time and costs in network management.
  • Monitoring network automatically in real time. Control your network at any time and at any point. Utilize detailed information on every communication to resolve network issues precisely, analyse network flows for traffic engineering, monitoring QoS and SLA and keep up with the compliance policy. Learn more about Flowmon network monitoring.
  • Detecting botnets and security threats undetectable by other solutions. Would you like to protect your network against data leakage, sophisticated attacks or botnets? Flowmon’s behavior anomaly detection technology helps you to deal with these threats confidently.
  • Ensuring availability of critical systems with DDoS protection. Flowmon DDoS Defender is an ultimate solution that puts artificial intelligence between governmental critical applications and cybercriminals.
  • Expert team which partners and trains CIRT/CERT teams. Flowmon solution is developed and supported by a team of experts. We are also delivering training to Computer Incident Response Teams in government institutions, police and army cyber teams in the area of modern network monitoring and security.
  • Trusted network monitoring technology. Flowmon is trusted by governmental institutions such as Ministries of Defence, Ministries of the Interior, municipalities, computer incident response teams, the army and police. The solution is recognized by Gartner, recommended by Cisco, Check Point and IBM.
"Although we love to create new security monitoring tools, we also need a reliable cornerstone of the monitoring infrastructure for the routine operation of a university CSIRT. Furthermore, we welcome the professional support that comes with Flowmon solution. It allows us to focus on the core of our business."
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Masaryk University

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