Unknown Threat Detection

Based on dynamic learning your business behaviour patterns and data flows analytics, Flowmon uncovers malicious activity and helps to stop malware spreading throughout your organisation.

No cyber-protection system is infallible. But threat levels can be kept down if you cover all your bases.

While traditional firewalls and antivirus software can reliably protect individual workstations and servers against known dangers, they are much less effective when it comes to newly evolved threats. Flowmon’s ability to detect attacks throughout the infrastructure and without relying on signatures is a fitting complement that, together with legacy systems, co-creates a comprehensive protection system.

The reason Flowmon can do without signatures is because of its machine-learning module called Anomaly Detection System (ADS). It draws on analytics from the Flowmon Monitoring Center (FMC) and uses them to learn the unique pattern of your network usage, thus becoming aware of which occurrences are within norm and which are suspicious. 

Flowmon’s intelligent analytics supplement that precious adaptability to your antivirus and firewall and help them keep up with the elusive forms of new cyber threats.

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