Flowmon Hardware Replacement Program

Flowmon HW Replacement Program is designed exclusively for our customers with active Support services. Get 50% discount when refreshing your hardware at the end of the 5-year lifecycle.

Why Renew Your Flowmon Hardware?

Ensure your network security and performance by swapping out your aging Flowmon hardware with brand-new appliances for better reliability and adequate performance.

New features & capabilities

Older hardware may not support the latest software version and its new features and capabilities

Support services

Flowmon support services are not available for hardware appliances after the 5-year lifecycle.


Older hardware or software may not comply with your security standards or regulations.

About HW Replacement Program

The purpose of the Flowmon Hardware Replacement Program is to protect the investment of our customers in our technology. The Program is limited to Flowmon HW Appliances only and it is not applicable to Virtual Appliances.

The program is designed to:

  • Appreciate our customers, offer and protect long-term product value
  • Emphasize the value of provided Standard/Extended support
  • Ensure that Flowmon software operates on recent hardware with optimal performance, reliability and warranty

The Hardware Replacement Program entitles our customers to a 50% discount of the actual MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) at the end of the hardware appliance’s 5-year life cycle. When an upgrade is requested during the hardware replacement, the above calculated discount sum is deducted from MSRP of the newly purchased hardware appliance model (An upgrade means that a more expensive hardware appliance model is purchased as a replacement).

The primary goal of the Program is to refresh the customer’s purchased Flowmon hardware and all software licenses (Modules) are automatically transferred to the new hardware without any additional costs.

Eligibility criteria

  • The current hardware appliance has been covered with Standard/Extended support for the entirety of its life cycle.
  • If the hardware appliance is not covered with Standard/Extended support for the entirety of its life cycle, the customer is entitled to retrospectively purchase the support for the missing period to be eligible for a hardware replacement. No discounts are applicable for such purchases.
  • The customer is required to purchase a minimum of 1 year of support with the new hardware appliance.
  • One Flowmon retired hardware appliance can be replaced with just one new Flowmon hardware appliance (no bundling, no multiple appliance tradeoffs or combining of discounts is allowed).
  • The customer will return all the retired hardware appliances that were subject of hardware replacement special discount to Progress or present proof of decommissioning of those appliances (disk wipe or environmentally friendly disposal).

To find out, if you are eligible to apply for HW replacement program, please contact your Flowmon sales representative.

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