Vanquish Tech Utilizes Progress to Deliver Robust Security Solutions for Their Enterprise Clients

Vanquish Tech is a UK-based provider of specialized IT services across the world. While the company has a variety of tools under its belt, its deployment of Progress® Flowmon® has enabled them to work with a greater number of customers who require Vanquish Tech’s expertise. Since then, Vanquish Tech has been assisting companies with strengthening their IT security systems and creating always-on VPNs for companies with hybrid work models.


  • Try to understand how their customers are utilizing load balancing.
  • Customers require an upgrade or an improvement to security infrastructure.
  • Many companies have a variety of struggles when moving the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Global customers utilize always-on VPNs within their large, hybrid networks.
  • Progress helps Vanquish deliver robust global security postures.
  • As part of a wider solution, Progress delivers high availability to ‘Always on VPN’ solutions.

Deployed products

  • Flowmon ADS (Standard)


Progress LoadMaster Load Balancer provides IT teams the ability to control application delivery across multiple servers effortlessly and Flowmon provides networks with sustained VPNs and other network security tools.


Flowmon ADS

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