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How AEGON Automated Network Security and Administration

One of the biggest financial groups in the world, which offers life insurance, retirement insurance and investment products. The roots of the company date back to 1759. Since the time it has been continuously developing and now it has more than 30.000 employees all over the world. Over 40 millions of clients vest more than 368 billion € to syndicate AEGON.


  • Extensive computer network including head office and branch offices
  • Complete wi-fi coverage of offices
  • SNMP monitoring provides only basic information about real traffic structure
  • Manual and time consuming detection and analysis of network attacks and threats

Key Benefits

  • Considerably lowered expenses of network administration
  • Automation of network administration and security tasks
  • Tailored to meet actual needs
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Easy to extend
  • Insight into network focused on behavior of users and devices

Deployed products

  • Flowmon Probe


IT department was aware of threats and risks based on the insufficient information about their computer network. They decided to implement complete monitoring system fulfilling their requirements:

  • Complete monitoring of head office of AEGON SK (network with hundreds of computers), WAN lines to local branch offices and abroad connectivity to the headquarter of the syndicate.
  • Fulfillment of legislative norms and requirement of data communication monitoring demanded by external auditor.
  • Increase of security of computer network and related access control to the data sources.
  • More effective management and supervision over network, recognition of wrong configurations and solving network problems.


All the requirements were fulfilled by all-in-one solution (one 1U solution) in form of 4-port probe Kemp Flowmon Probe 4000, which was connected to the central network unit and uplink to the Internet. This type of connection ensures monitoring of LAN, DMZ, Internet uplink and local branch offices.

The Kemp Flowmon Probe 4000 includes built-in collector, which is used for long-term storage of information about all network communications. Collector interfaceFlowmon Monitoring Center – provides quick and easy way to get overview about network state, displaying communications among selected stations or stations using particular services, listing the most active users and more. It also provides automatic reporting of network state in form of pie charts and summary tables as well as email notification of alerts to network administrators.

"Project of Flowmon solution deployment was managed to realize in very short time. Now thanks to the project we do not only fulfill the security legislative requirements for network monitoring, but we also markedly accelerate and streamline the administration of our network. In every moment we know what is happening in our network and we can immediately response on specific situations."

Mr. Sterbak, Director of IT department


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