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Reliable source of netFlow statistics for network admins

ItWorks supports customers in IT and business sectors for 14 years. The company provides IT outsourcing services – comprehensively or selectively – for company owners which want to outsource management of their IT area in order to devote time and resources to the development of their core business. The company operates within the structure of the entity supervising the key areas of IT 24/7/365. It is responsible for safety and business continuity data center infrastructure, including the network.


  • Implement flow-based network visibility for more efficient troubleshooting
  • Detect traffic anomalies
  • Provide comprehensive reports for further analysis

Key Benefits

  • Full IPv4/6 traffic visibility
  • Easy detection of attacks on network services
  • Detection of DNS and NTP traffic anomalies
  • Detection of malicious applications symptoms

Deployed products

  • Flowmon Probe


Due to the need for transparent and nonintrusive installation, generating highest quality NetFlow statistics, and storing copy of historical data for a short period of time as well as to have ability to install additional modules in the future, a hardware probe was used. Among others it was decided to use 4-port Flowmon hardware probe to offload network routers from additional tasks like generating NetFlow stats. Probe stores the data for the required period of time, provides visualization, analysis and reports for the further needs of network engineers.

The solution analyzes and visualizes generated flows, potentially dangerous or deviant events, and thus makes it possible to discern unwanted network communication and security breaches.

“Flowmon is used in our company both by networking professionals and administrators. Each of them receives the information necessary to do their job. On this basis, we are able to pursue our strategic objectives, monitor and analyze network traffic for potential threats and generate reliable statistics. Flowmon builtin features like multitenant, rights management and distribution of applications for different user groups depending on their authorization is also allowing us to efficiently metering and transparently reporting on network infrastructure use.

I think the biggest benefit of the implementation is ability to provide quick and reliable information about the networking events. Flowmon is extremely valuable tool to automate the process of monitoring of our own data center infrastructure as well as client systems.”

Piotr Szalony
System engineer

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