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Visibility into network traffic and anomaly detection

Bricofer improved network security incident and problem discovery by up to 50% thanks to Flowmon. This ensures smooth company operations as the reliability of the network is crucial for the business with more than 2,200 employees and 90 points of sale.


  • Centralized network monitoring and security of decentralized infrastructure
  • Fast root cause analysis of operational and security incidents
  • Bullet-proof evidence in compliance with GDPR requirements

Key Benefits

  • One comprehensive solution for both network operations and security
  • Gained detailed knowledge of network utilization and structure for precise capacity planning
  • Decreased MTTR of root cause analysis

Deployed products

  • Flowmon ADS
  • Flowmon Collector


Innovation is a key component of Bricofer’s strategic mission and growth plans. In addition to expanding through the acquisition and opening of new outlets, Bricofer wanted to boost customer satisfaction and provide the highest level of service. To achieve this, flow monitoring solution was needed to ensure the network as a nervous system of the company runs smoothly.

Bricofer’s requirements:

  • Collection and analysis of flow data for network operations, capacity planning and troubleshooting.
  • Strengthening the security of the internal network to complement already deployed perimeter and end-point security solutions with centralized monitoring.
  • Machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence for advanced malware protection, zero-day attacks and anomalies in the internal network to maintain high level of availability of applications and services.
  • Detailed reporting on a regular basis.
  • Actionable alerts on security and operational issues.


The company´s requirements on network visibility and security have been resolved by Flowmon solution. Flowmon fulfils company’s need for detailed reporting, analytical capabilities, fast troubleshooting and root cause analysis, capacity planning, evidence to comply with the GDPR, and possibility to extend solution with on-demand full packet capture capabilities.

Bricofer leverages existing computing resources. Flowmon Collector Virtual Appliance has been deployed in their Data Center. Existing active devices provide traffic statistics in NetFlow v9 standard.

Atinet, a partner of Flowmon Networks has implemented Flowmon solution consisting of:

  • Flowmon Virtual Collector for collecting, storing and analyzing flow data statistics.
  • Flowmon ADS (Anomaly Detection System) is an extension module for network behavior analysis.

Thanks to the Flowmon solution, Bricofer is now provided with detailed network visibility and powerful analytics helping the company to detect and respond to network operational and security issues in real-time.

Flowmon ADS analyzes all data and alerts to any suspicious network situation, anomaly or attack.

“With Flowmon we've obtained missing visibility into the network traffic including network performance statistics. Thanks to Flowmon ADS, we are able to reveal threats and malicious behavior within the internal network. And what is the most important experience - we have significantly reduced incident resolution times for both operational and security incidents.”

Vittorio Cimin

Flowmon ADS

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