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Bringing Stable Connectivity Where None Existed Before

Eurona is a Spanish telecommunications company providing broadband access and high-speed Internet services in more than 20 countries with over 40,000 clients. Ranking among the top 10 telecommunications operators in Spain and leading the European satellite capacity market, Eurona builds and manages advanced networks complemented by other radiofrequency communication technologies, creating new networks where none have existed.

Deployed products

  • Flowmon Collector


“When we say ‘We reach where others don’t,’ we mean it,” says Alejandro Reguart, R&D Manager at Eurona, “By providing connectivity to areas previously cut off from the online world, we take it upon ourselves to improve our customers’ quality of living. The smoothness of our service delivery isn’t just about business - it impacts the prospects of entire communities.”

The diversity and nature of Eurona’s customer base, not to mention its size, creates challenges that come with the growing amount of uncontrolled traffic and system complexity. Without a traffic monitoring solution, performance optimization becomes tricky indeed.

Before adopting Flowmon, Eurona was using a different solution that lacked the necessary visibility toolset within an agreeable price range. That is why they started looking for a replacement.

“You really need to understand the structure of your traffic while it is developing if you want to resolve problems before they cause any major damage,” continues Reguart. “Out of all the solutions we considered, Flowmon came out as the winner with perfect network insight and the best value for money.”


With a Flowmon virtual appliance deployed, Eurona’s engineers now have hard data at hand to know how their network traffic load is evolving and can step in and avert any approaching degradations or outages. “We can see everything in almost real-time, which has really boosted our aptitude and agility in performance and peering optimization.”

“At Eurona, customers come first and we cannot afford to risk our good relationship with them by providing a fluctuating service. But with insight from Flowmon, we always know what to do to provide them with the best we can.”


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