Flowmon System Specialist Training - Free Training for End Users

The Progress®Flowmon® Platform enhances cybersecurity and network visibility across organizations of all sizes. But getting the maximum benefit from a Flowmon deployment requires familiarity with how our powerful software works.

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  We have developed a free end-user course and certification exam to ensure our customers can ramp up their Flowmon skills easily and get the most from Flowmon solutions. 

Free Online Training Features

 The online course is called Flowmon System Specialist, and the instruction and certification test are available through our E-learning portal hosted on the Litmos Corporate Learning Platform. The on-demand e-learning course has the following sections: 

  1. Flowmon Solution Introduction
  2. Flowmon Probe
  3. Flowmon Collector
  4. Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS)
  5. Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  6. Flowmon Packet Investigator
  7. Live Demo
  8. Flowmon Sample Project Deployments
  9. Flowmon Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (Advanced)
  10. Flowmon Security (Advanced)
  11. Flowmon Application and Network Performance (Advanced)
  12. Flowmon System Specialist Multiple Choice Exam


The training follows the conventions of e-learning courses, with training materials presented via videos and slide decks. Learners work through the items sequentially and answer mini quizzes as they progress. Then, at the end of the training, a multiple-choice exam qualifies those successfully completing the course and exam with the Flowmon System Specialist Certification. Upon completion, learners can access a downloadable Flowmon System Specialist certificate.


 How To Access the Course

Only Flowmon customers can access the online training. To enroll staff for the Flowmon System Specialist course, an organization must have a current Flowmon solution under active Support (Standard or Extended). 

To access the Flowmon System Specialist course training portal:

  1. Contact your Flowmon representative and request access to the Flowmon System Specialist course.
  2. The Flowmon representative will enroll the end user on the course.
  3. The end user receives an email from the Progress section on the Litmos Corporate Learning Platform with links to the course and login details.
  4. The end user completes the course materials and 
  5. The end user downloads their Flowmon System Specialist Certification certificate.

On-site Training

In addition to the online training available on-demand 24x7, we also offer on-site sessions for those organizations who want this approach. 

In on-site sessions, our consultants introduce the Flowmon product architecture, cover configuration and how to work with the Flowmon product portfolio. A benefit of this approach over the online training is meeting our technical specialists in person to have your inquiries answered. Organizations can adjust the on-site version of the training to deliver what they require based on existing staff knowledge.

Please note, that on-site Training is paid service and not free of charge as the virtual course.

Contact your Flowmon representative to discuss on-site options.

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