Making Data Storage More Secure with Progress Flowmon and Veeam Backup and Replication

We are happy to announce that Progress has teamed up with Veeam, a leader in data management and protection solutions.

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The new partnership between Progress and Veeam represents a significant step forward in cybersecurity. It marks a considerable advancement in data protection by merging the Flowmon AI-powered threat detection capabilities with the robust backup solution of Veeam. This empowers organizations to more effectively defend their invaluable digital assets.

Why Real-Team Network Visibility Is Crucial to Combat Cyber Threats

In today’s shifting digital landscape, it is crucial to fortify the defenses of your business data. Cyberattacks are growing in sophistication and frequency, posing significant challenges to enterprises worldwide. Attackers target valuable assets and data, compelling organizations to adopt costly defense strategies to shield network perimeters from intrusion. However, headlines often indicate how modern attack vectors extend beyond the digital sphere.

To combat these threats effectively, organizations require comprehensive solutions that offer real-time network visibility while facilitating prompt response mechanisms. Recognizing this need, Progress and Veeam have joined forces to provide a robust and proactive solution that enables customers to monitor their business-critical data and surrounding networks.

How Does Combining Flowmon and Veeam Improve Threat Response?

Flowmon capabilities enable early detection of suspicious activities by providing in-depth network layer visibility. Flowmon helps organizations identify anomalies indicative of potential threats, unauthorized access and security issues by leveraging AI and advanced analytics.

These insights empower teams using Veeam's Backup & Replication solution to swiftly respond to emerging security threats.

What Are the Combined Benefits of Flowmon and Veeam?

  • Detect and Alert: Together, the solutions detect and alert about the presence of threat actors, compromised resources and unauthorized access attempts to Veeam infrastructure. Flowmon insights alert organizations as attacks begin, enabling them to quickly break the attack chain.
  • Streamlined Incident Response: Organizations can automate response workflows and minimize downtime and data loss. Time is crucial and early response matters most.
  • Operational Efficiency: Organizations can simplify operations and reduce administrative overhead by consolidating network monitoring and backup capabilities.

Why Does Our Partnership Matter?

The partnership between Progress and Veeam marks a new era in data security. The collaborative solution, merging the Flowmon network and security monitoring capabilities with the Veeam Backup & Replication capabilities, provides early and actionable insights to help safeguard critical company data and respond to suspicious actions.

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