New Architecture of Data Storage in Flowmon 8.0

We've just proudly released new major version of our flagship product – Flowmon 8.0. The new version comes with a significant change of architecture of flow data storage. Moreover, Flowmon 8.0 extends visibility in L3, L4, L7 and improves central dashboard, reporting capabilities and brings other handy features. New architecture of flow data storage dramatically increases number of flow sources per one collector appliance, enables new features and consequently brings new concept of profiles.

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New and revised architecture of storing data extends the amount of flow sources per one collector appliance. No matter whether you collect flow data from routers, switches, firewalls or Flowmon Probes. The architecture is designed to support up to 10 000 flow sources per Flowmon Collector.

Fig. 1: Up to 10 000 flow sources support.

New concept of profiles

Change in the architecture of data storage is related to new concept of profiles in Flowmon Monitoring Center. Profile represents a specific view of flow data stored in Flowmon Collector. Thanks to profiling, the data is ready to immediate visualization, further analysis and drill-down.

The news since Flowmon 8.0 is the absence of “Live” profile. It has been replaced with profile “All Sources”. In addition, channels correspond to flow sources instead of listening ports. As a result, flow data from each flow source are natively stored into separate channels without filtering. The concept of Profiles was optimized to reflect real needs of collector’s features and to support scalability.

All current profiles/channels will be automatically reconfigured with Flowmon 8.0 upgrade, so there is no need to take any action related to change of profiles concept.

Fig. 2: Profiles in Flowmon Monitoring Center.

You can find another new features in Profiles section. When creating or editing a profile, there is an item "All" instead of parent channel selection. This option will automatically include any other parent channel added in the future. You can also easily drag and drop each channel to place it at requested position or move channel to be displayed above zero or below zero.

Another new features will be introduced in separate blog post soon. Follow our blog to keep informed about hot Flowmon news. If you can’t wait, explore full featured Flowmon 8.0 online demo

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