Changes in the Specifications of Our Hardware Appliances

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We have made several changes to the specifications of our hardware appliances. This blog post lists the most important ones.

For full details, download the specifications PDF ( Probe, Collector).

Flowmon Probes

The network interface card (NIC) in the following Probes has been replaced:

  • IFP-10000-SFP+, 
  • IFP-20000-SFP+, 
  • IFP-40000-SFP+, 
  • IFP-20000PRO-SFP+,
  • IFP-40000PRO-SFP+.

Probes IFP-10000-SFP+ and IFP-20000-SFP+ have undergone a platform change, which involves changes in dimensions, PSU info, CPU core counts, etc.

The performance of IFP-40000-SFP+ has been reduced from 5 Mpps to 1.5 Mpps. It is now more consistent with other non-PRO 10G Probes. This change is to make scaling/sizing more logical and predictable. 

Monitoring ports on standard Probes can have IP addresses assigned and can terminate tunneled traffic.

In accelerated 10G Probes (PRO models), the IP addresses of monitoring ports can no longer be configured and tunneled traffic can no longer be sent there. These Probes provide wirespeed performance same as before.

Flowmon Collectors

We have revised the CPUs in Flowmon Collectors to increase performance, especially when our new versions of multithreaded data processing engines are being used (Flowmon ADS 11.x, Flowmon DDoS Defender 5.x). See the table below.

ModelOld CPU (No. of cores)New CPU (No. of cores)

Lastly, Collector VA has been certified in Google Cloud and is now available for use.

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