Join the Flowmon Customer Validation Program

We would like to invite you to join the new Flowmon Customer Validation Program (CVP). This is a unique opportunity for you to actively influence future product development, share your feedback, explain your use cases, and see behind-the-scenes material and product roadmaps.

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What is it about?

The goal of the Customer Validation Program (CVP) is to gather customer feedback on features and priorities, product designs, prototypes, release candidates, generally available releases, and the user experience that helps Progress validate, improve, and differentiate. 

Why you should join?

The CVP provides you with many benefits. We will keep you informed on what the Progress Flowmon team is working on now, give you a forum for expressing your opinion, share your use cases, engage with the Flowmon user community, gain access to early releases, and ensure new features will help you succeed.  


What you can expect to see on the CVP:  

  • Current quarter priorities and objectives – ongoing showcases that highlight development progress. 
  • System demos – live or recorded demonstration of product features and capabilities implemented during the current quarter. 
  • Usability surveys – show us how you use the product and give us feedback.  
  • Design specs, architectural diagrams, UI mockups, etc.  
  • Specific questions on priorities, capabilities, or implementation.  
  • Pre-release software – preview, test, and share your feedback. 

How to do it?

Flowmon CVP is part of a Progress Community. You can watch this video that shows the process of accessing the community. In short, use your Progress ID to access the community or register by clicking on the “Log in” button. Once you register and your account is activated via the link in the activation e-mail, you will be able to join Flowmon CVP by clicking on the “Ask to join” button. After your request to join is approved, you can browse the content. 

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