Progress Flowmon Ranked as a Technology Leader in SPARK Matrix 2022 NDR Report

The threat landscape that organizations faced in 2022 and continue to face in 2023 is large, complex, and continuously changing. Defense requires a multi-layered approach that delivers monitoring, detection, and response at many points within on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and systems. A Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution is critical to a modern cybersecurity defense strategy.

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Choosing the Right NDR Solution for You

 Many solutions are available that deliver NDR functionality (or claim to for marketing purposes). A simple search for NDR will return many vendors who will sell you a solution. Given that having NDR is a crucial part of cybersecurity defenses and the number of options available, how can IT decision-makers ensure that they select the best solution for their organization and its unique IT infrastructure? 

Most IT leaders will rely on external IT and cybersecurity partners for advice on this topic. They will also use industry analyst reports to get a picture of the overall NDR market so that they can have informed discussions with partners, suppliers, or vendors if they are buying an NDR solution directly.

One such report that provides market insights, competitive evaluation, and vendor rankings in the NDR sector is the SPARK MatrixTM: Network Detection and Response (NDR), 2022 report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. 


Flowmon NDR Placed in 2022 SPARK Matrix for NDR

The SPARK NDR report analyzed 22 vendor solutions and segmented them into three categories: AspirantsChallengers, and Technology Leaders. Progress Flowmon NDR was placed in the Technology Leaders segment due to its high scores for customer impact and technology excellence. 

You can download the SPARK analysis report on Flowmon's NDR solution from this link. We won't repeat what the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions experts say in the report, but we quote some snippets below.


Flowmon ADS detects and mitigates the cyber threats facing an organization by adding a SOC visibility triad to the organization's network-centric layer. This detects any anomalies hitherto escaping the deployed perimeter and endpoint security products.” 

“Flowmon ADS provides automated pre-defined configurations for a variety of network types that facilitates the SOC team by distinguishing between anomalies and normal traffic to reduce false positives.”

“Flowmon ADS offers custom dashboards based on severity rules at a global, group, or user level to prioritize and report for security, networking, IT helpdesk, or managers.”

“The company has a strong presence in EMEA, followed by APAC and North America. From an industry vertical perspective, the company holds a strong customer base in e-commerce, retail, government, healthcare, financial services, telecom, education, energy, and manufacturing domains. From a use case perspective, the company offers threat detection, threat hunting, forensic analysis, and active response.”


There are many more Flowmon positives in the SPARK NDR report that we could quote, but then we'd just be duplicating the information here. Download the report from the link above, and see for yourself how  Flowmon NDR can boost your cybersecurity and simplify your network monitoring and detection.


Progress Flowmon solutions provide many benefits to IT teams. Such as:

  • Visibility into network traffic with customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports.
  • Automatic threat detection and early incidents of compromise
  • Monitoring network performance to show if any reported problems are due to a network issue.
  • Delivering automatic analysis and root cause suggestions reported via frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Providing the data needed for troubleshooting issues and operational or upgrade planning.

You can read more about Flowmon solutions in this overview page. You can also get a demo or a free trial of Flowmon, so you can quickly see how it will make your cyber security more resilient and more valuable.

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