Streamline Incident Analysis in QRadar by Using the Progress Flowmon QRadar Application

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Flowmon QRadar integration provides a single pane of glass to detect and respond to Flowmon ADS events directly in IBM QRadar. The integration packages were updated to support the latest version of Flowmon products and the IBM QRadar platform. 

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are considered foundational elements in a company's security toolkit. Although SIEMs occupy a prominent position in the infrastructure by processing logs from various security tools, their true power is realized only when supplied with pertinent data. Progress Flowmon ADS—an AI-driven cybersecurity tool—plays a pivotal role in furnishing this crucial data, offering insightful perspectives into network security. 

Integrating Flowmon ADS with SIEMs typically involves transmitting network traffic metadata (flows) and details about identified anomalies and security issues through a widely adopted mechanism, such as Syslog. However, when integrated with IBM QRadar, this collaboration achieves advanced integration and functionality levels. 

You don't need to transition to a separate user interface, as you can analyze ADS events directly within the QRadar UI. The integrated dashboard offers familiar workflows, allowing you to move from charts to detailed event information more seamlessly, including associated network traffic flows. This enables you to gain actionable insights while scrutinizing and investigating identified security events. 


The advantages of the Flowmon ADS and IBM QRadar integration extends beyond conducting thorough analyses of security events within QRadar. This integration enables QRadar to interpret ADS events using “its own language” (category mapping) and comes with pre-configured correlation rules. These rules consolidate ADS events into more advanced incidents, offering insights into various security issues, such as potential data leaks, indications of malware infection and undesirable network behaviors. 

The Flowmon ADS and IBM QRadar integration streamlines incident analysis and enhances overall security posture by facilitating a better understanding of security events within the QRadar environment. 

How to Integrate 

Flowmon QRadar integration is available in two packages. The first package is an application that integrates the event analysis workflows more seamlessly from Flowmon ADS into your QRadar, resulting in a more consistent experience. The second package is a connector and a content package that efficiently configures correlation rules based on ADS events, generating higher-level incidents for a thorough understanding of security issues. Both extensions are accessible for download on the IBM Security App Exchange and are provided free of charge for Flowmon customers with valid Standard or Extended support. 

  • Download the Flowmon QRadar Application here.
  • Download the Flowmon Content Package here.

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