Flowmon Integrations into Enterprise Ecosystem

In this blog post, we'll explore the various integration options available with Flowmon and how these integrations can help take your enterprise security and monitoring to the next level.

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Flowmon is not a stand-alone system used in isolation. It is part of an ecosystem of monitoring and security tools used across the enterprise. Recently, we have introduced new integrations with Splunk and ServiceNow to simplify interoperability and enable IT and security teams to be more efficient. This is a good opportunity to remind of all the integration options and resources we have. 

Integration with Splunk

The purpose of Splunk integration is to publish security events detected by Flowmon ADS into Splunk using HEC (HTTP Event Collector). This is an alternative to legacy approach using syslog that might be difficult to leverage in modern environments when Splunk is operated in SaaS mode. The integration is available as a custom script for Flowmon ADS.

Integration with ServiceNow

The purpose of ServiceNow integration is to create am incident in ServiceNow system using the REST API. The integration is available as a custom script for Flowmon ADS. 

Flowmon 3rd party Integration Options

Flowmon provides following options how to integrate with third party systems in general: 

  • Events and alerts send via email including specific email formats suitable for machine processing. 
  • Events and alerts send via syslog or as SNMP traps. 
  • Custom script trigger option to implement any specific integration with third party products and technologies. 
  • Fully documented REST API to configure Flowmon from third party systems such as CMDBs or automation tools or get specific data such as network traffic charts, top statistics or events from Flowmon and publish into third party systems. 

Custom scripting provides a powerful option how to integrate with third-party systems and deliver on interesting use cases such as active incident response through firewalls. Officially supported and maintained integrations are published on our support portal

There are also community-based integrations available on Progress public GitHub. These are either created by our engineers for specific purpose or by the community and made available for anyone to use. Please note, these integrations are not officially maintained. 

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