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Creating custom logs from NetFlow

Did you know you can create logs with any flow information and export it to 3rd party systems like SIEM. Check this post to see how to do it and what we have prepared for you.

31/01/19 Netflow

DDoS Protection tool without BGP Peering Analysis? Why not?

It is difficult to count how many times I have been involved in discussions about the role of BGP peering analysis in DDoS protection. Usually, people think of how these technologies are connected ...

Revised Flowmon interface: First step to customer-centric UX

Revised user interface as it comes with Flowmon 10.0 is one but important stop on our long term initiative that will end up with completely new concept of the Flowmon solution providing unified vie...


Flowmon 10.01 - redefined Dashboard improved Reports and ...

As a part of our long term strategy to enhance User Experience, Flowmon 10.1 comes with reworked and fully responsive Dashboard. These improvements offer ultimate flexibility to tailor Flowmon to s...

17/01/19 Netflow, Flow data

Let’s talk PoC

Whenever you want to buy something new, you may entertain doubts about a product you have never tried out before. Although the product appears great on paper, often you want physical proof to persu...


Nail These 6 Encrypted Traffic Cases with Flowmon

There is no doubt SSL/TLS offers major benefits, such as confidentiality and integrity. However, it also creates challenges. For instance, visibility gaps and management overheads. Furthermore, mal...

Introducing flow formats and their differences

There are multiple flow formats. What are the differences? Which are supported by Flowmon? Check the post to see the answers.

10/12/18 Netflow, Flow data

What made us create Distributed Architecture

Developing hyper-scalable network analytics design, called Flowmon Distributed Architecture, was one of the biggest technology challenges we’ve faced to date. What were the drivers behind this reso...