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Flowmon Incident Response

This document is aimed at operators and analysts who use Flowmon to detect and analyse security events. The document introduces a set of so-called best practices, i.e. a summary of the manufacturer...


IDG survey shows gap between IT experts’ confidence and t...

96% of IT professionals claim confidence to repel encrypted traffic threats. Still, only one third of businesses cover all attack vectors of this steadily growing nefarious activity.


Boosting Enterprise IT to the Next Level

This is the story of a large-sized company (1000-5000 employees) that understood the importance of IT in the digital era and its business impact. The IT department needed a new impetus to reconside...


Journey from Reactive IT to Proactive Control

This is the story of a medium-sized company (250-1000 employees) on its transition from a reactive IT department that acted like a firefighter, to a modern team having full control and visibility i...


The Upsurge of Home Office: Best Practices to Keep Your N...

Just like many companies in these trying times, we too have asked many of our employees to work from home to protect their health. As a consequence of this decision, our network traffic characteris...


Validate Indicators of Compromise in Your Network

You may have recently come across indicators of compromise (IoC), such as malicious IP addresses, which you can use to validate whether you have been affected or not. For example, a national cyber ...


Network Traffic Monitoring with and without Encrypted Tra...

Having or not having an encrypted traffic analysis feature in your network monitoring system makes a huge difference.

Emotet Malware: Email Spoofer Awakening

According to IBM X-Force, the Emotet malware has recently been spreading in Germany and Japan, targeting companies in the area more and more aggressively.