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Improved FortiGate Integration

The new release of FortiOS 6.4 from 31 March 2020 brings a new and interesting feature of using webhooks for external API calls and enable automation stitches, which are easy to configure in FortiG...


Integrating Flowmon and LDAP/AD

How to deploy Flowmon for multiple users easily.


Configuring Flowmon Using Presets

Flowmon Monitoring Center features presets to save labor and help users understand their monitoring needs.


Key Fortinet and Flowmon Integrations: Automated Incident...

Flowmon has recently joined Fortinet’s Open Fabric Ecosystem by integrating with FortiGate and FortiSIEM. This cooperation brings automated system for threat detection and response, blocking securi...


SOC Visibility Triad - Calling for the network-centric ap...

Endpoint protection has been a staple since the dawn of cybersecurity, but how many endpoints are really protected? The expansion of digital environments is pushing SOC analysts towards a change of...


Story of a Large Call Center

We hear many applications promise “new heights of success and prosperity for your company.” But what do you do when the application is slowing your business down?


From Packet Recording to Investigation - Advancements in ...

We have recently introduced the Flowmon Packet Investigator (FPI) as a successor to the Flowmon Traffic Recorder. This blog article explains the drive behind the change.


Flowmon ADS 11.0 - Improved insight & enhanced performance

To prevail over contemporary threats you need immediate response and a high-performance detection tool - you need Flowmon ADS 11.0.