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Reasons not to worry about GDPR and NIS

Brace Yourselves for the new European legislation on data and network security coming soon! Get ready to invest millions in technologies and hire dozens of new employees. The whole world as we know...


Network visibility in the SCADA/ICS environment

Security in the SCADA/ICS environment is a much discussed topic today. In the past these systems were strictly separated. But their connection to common computer networks has opened new opportuniti...

What is your network’s real performance?

If you are unaware of the actual figures, this post will give you the answer. Network Performance Monitoring enables you to avoid network infrastructure downtime, identify bottlenecks and troublesh...

What's new in Flowmon 8.03

Flowmon 8.03 is here with new interesting features such as NPM metrics visualization, broader L7 visibility, encrypted flow export and much more.

Writing a custom script for Flowmon

Previously, we got familiar with alerting in Flowmon. Today we will learn how to write a script which can be triggered by the alert.

Alerting in Flowmon Monitoring Center

Using alerts can significantly simplify your life. There is no need to sit in front of a monitor and search for operational problems in your network. In this blog post, we will go through the capab...

5 things that pay off when doing PoC projects

Every customer wants to be sure they are making the right decisions. PoC campaigns are a great way to achieve this and also how to distinguish between empty phrases and real benefits.


Pros and Cons of Agent-less Application Performance Monit...

Network-based Application Performance Monitoring solution measures delays in network and application for all transactions of all users. If any problem occurs, it immediately reports and alerts the ...