Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Capacity planning allows organizations to determine and meet future demands of changing network infrastructure. Without capacity planning organizations risk degradation of network performance and network downtime which leads to the ineffectiveness of employees, high latency of network services, customer churn and thus to significant financial losses. With Flowmon you can prevent network outage, identify bottlenecks, and keep the best performance of your network.

Network Capacity Planning

Flowmon for network capacity planning

Flowmon provides an insight into the organization's network bandwidth needs. With its historical data and reports about network bandwidth utilization and performance Flowmon helps to decide on the changes and upgrades to network infrastructure. Flowmon helps you to determine the organization’s bandwidth needs to accommodate the growth over a period of time with its capacity planning reports and also to decide on the changes to be implemented. It helps identify network infrastructure bottlenecks, unnecessary redundancies and wasted bandwidth so that organizations lower network operational costs while being prepared for future needs.

Benefits of the Flowmon solution:

  • Provides a centralized/single view of current and historical bandwidth utilization of your network.

  • Provides hard data/knowledgebase for planning changes and necessary upgrades to your network infrastructure.

  • Flowmon reports on network bandwidth utilization and monitors network performance.

  • Lower CAPEX investments while lowering infrastructure downtime risks.

  • Optimizes network infrastructure capacity and reduces current redundancy.

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