Network Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Know your network's needs. Preserve top-performing and reliable services. The ability to understand and predict your networks’ needs is key for dealing with downtimes, high latency or bottlenecks. Flowmon outruns traditional infrastructure monitoring by delivering a comprehensive understanding of bandwidth usage so that you can reduce the risk of services performance degradation and plan your network capacity wisely.

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What is network capacity planning

Capacity planning allows organizations to determine and meet future demands of changing network infrastructure. Without capacity planning organizations risk degradation of network performance and network downtime which leads to the ineffectiveness of employees, high latency of network services, customer churn and thus to significant financial losses.

Detailed awareness of your network needs

Flowmon is a network monitoring solution utilizing the NetFlow/IPFIX technology. It collects, sorts and visualises network utilisation data to allow network operations teams to identify the performance profile of individual devices, foresee the impact of bandwidth usage from a user’s perspective as well, including application performance SLAs. With both real-time statistics and history track, you always know what capacity your infrastructure and servers need.

  • Centralized view of current and historical bandwidth utilization
  • Hard data for planning changes and necessary upgrades
  • Reports on network bandwidth utilization
  • Identification of bottlenecks and redundancies
  • Prevention of network latency issues and downtimes
  • Cross-platform monitoring (on-premise, datacenter, cloud)

How it works

Data collection

Network and application telemetry data is collected by using passive Flowmon Probes (NetFlow/IPFIX exporters) or leveraging the monitoring capabilities of your infrastructure components.

Basic metrics visualization

Flowmon shows how much traffic is generated by sources, destinations, devices, users, applications and protocols, and enables to accurately assess the network impact of delivered services.

Enhanced metrics addition

The statistics that Flowmon can process include bandwidth, throughput, latency, jitter, retransmissions, error rate, quality of service (QoS) and more.

Data unification

Flowmon is also able to homogenize proprietary metrics from third-party appliances and analyze them as if they came from a single source, allowing you to maximize investment into your existing infrastructure.

Final reporting

Once processed, the statistics are visualized and SLA reports created. The user receives alerts on detected incidents, so that degradations can be promptly avoided and accounted for in the future.

Translate business decisions into operational requirements

  • Predictability: Maintain an awareness of all your assets and resources to scale up with business growth.
  • Decisive intelligence: Respond to emerging requirements with confidence and agility.
  • Manage costs: Make an accurate plan. Avoid unnecessary costs of redundant infrastructure.
  • Reducing network visibility TCO: Avoid functional overlap and gain full visibility across your entire IT environment in one solution.
  • Fast Time to Value: Streamlined deployment. User enablement. Predefined views. Dashboards and reports in just 30 minutes from deployment.

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