Bandwidth Monitoring

Network bandwidth monitoring is a very important activity especially for network administrators in enterprises. Flowmon is a flow based solution providing administrators with a deep insight into the network traffic, helping them to optimize capacity planning, peering agreements and take control over the bandwidth usage.

Bandwidth monitor

Flowmon Bandwidth Monitoring

Flowmon provides customizable reports to monitor bandwidth including TopN statistics (e.g. TopN downloaders) and includes options to search for specific bandwidth usage details based on IP address, host name, protocol, and more. Administrators are kept informed by the set of regular reports or via instant email alerts when the threshold is exceeded. What more, in case of incident Flowmon can run a user-defined script, send a syslog warning or SNMP trap. Learn more about Flowmon network monitoring.

  • Monitoring and analysis of network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns

  • Real-time and historical bandwidth usage data

  • Identification of top bandwidth consumers

  • Filtering tools for usage of the bandwidth by IPs, protocols, users, applications, etc

"The optimization of the traffic structure and discovery of errors helped us significantly reduce the load not only of our internal network, but above all the MPLS network which saves us thousands EURO each month.“

Jan Svatos, IT director of AVE CZ

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