Network Troubleshooting

Flow data provides a deep insight into the network traffic and advances the next generation behavior analysis of your network. Flowmon is a unique tool that combines flow data monitoring with L7 information which ultimately leverages the analytical power of the solution. Thanks to this, network administrators get a genuine troubleshooting tool to solve up to 95% of network operational issues. Without the need of full packet capture.

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Analyzed Traffic

Troubleshooting with Flowmon Probes

Using the Flowmon Probe brings significant added value when enriching the flow data with L7 information. Troubleshooting is much easier with visibility into DNS queries and replies (e.g. domain, type of query, return value), Application Awareness or Host OS identification. Having a reliable source of user identities (providing IP address, user identity and time stamp) you can simply link ​the Identity Manage-

ment with Flowmon and enrich the statistics with User Identity information. The insight into the traffic data added with related information is precious in the cases when troubleshooting, detecting malware and botnet detection and other security issues. Additionally, Flowmon keeps you informed by customizable reports, which provide exactly the information you need.

Flowmon for network troubleshooting, the main benefits:

Network Troubleshooting
  • Real-time precise traffic statistics provide an instant insight into a network

  • Historical statistics for context-based analysis

  • Drill down to any suspicious behavior

  • L7 information (Apps, DNS visibility, Host OS Identification, etc.)

  • User Identity Awareness

  • Flexible reporting capabilities 

Flowmon network troubleshooting dashboard

"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility that we previously lacked. As a consequence we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before.“

Masahiro Sato, Operations Network Engineer at SEGA

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