Network Troubleshooting and Forensic

Gain actionable insights into your network. Find and fix issues easily. It takes more than just knowing CPU and RAM utilization or the number of transferred packets to deal with outages, performance degradation or complaining users. Flowmon is a next-generation network monitoring tool which processes network and application performance metrics, organizes it and presents it as distinct, meaningful events on the dashboard. Detected events are ranked by priority, allowing IT professionals to radically speed up investigation and response, and concentrate on what is important.

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How to troubleshoot network degradation issues

Different IT teams draw insight from their separate tools and when an incident occurs, naturally, no one feels they are at fault. Precious time is then wasted by shifting blame instead of locating the root cause. The complexity of modern digital environments as well as the software-defined world of the cloud place obstacles in the way of full visibility throughout the environment.

Flowmon goes further than monitoring red/green status. It tracks individual user interactions with applications to give you an end-to-end understanding of the performance of the entire digital environment. It’s a holistic approach that allows you to immediately identify what causes problems, which users and services are affected and who is responsible for remedy. Boosted by an AI-powered detection engine, Flowmon will transform your IT from reactive operations supporting business needs into a proactive enabler of your company’s success.

Get noise-free insight

Sifting through a featureless mass of disconnected information is no way to resolve incidents.

The level of visibility that Flowmon provides streamlines troubleshooting, which is key for the networking department to perform their mission-critical, but often reactive tasks. However, in order to support business initiatives more proactively and implement them in increasingly heterogeneous digital environments, administrators need to spend less time on routine and become more agile.

Flowmon’s AI-powered analytical engine brings the automation they need to achieve this. It processes the mass of network traffic data, organizes it and presents it as distinct, meaningful events on the dashboard. Detected events are ranked by priority, allowing you to radically speed up investigation and response, and concentrate on what is important.

Flowmon provides a holistic view of all your network and cloud assets, and allows you to monitor everything centrally. Thus, rather than having multiple teams use different tools to arrive at several different conclusions, it draws a comprehensive picture of all traffic and enables all IT teams to coordinate and synchronize their efforts.

Next-generation network monitoring

When a traffic anomaly occurs, you need to be able to reliably trace the root cause regardless of its character or where it is along the delivery chain. Traditional tools, which only focus on CPU and RAM utilization or the number of transferred packets, are unlikely to achieve this because their point of view is often far too narrow. You need a more sophisticated solution that provides full situation awareness instead of spear-fishing local symptoms.

Flowmon collects a variety of network telemetry data from your infrastructure, or uses passive network sensors to extract metrics on network and application performance, which it processes, sorts and analyzes. Using advanced analytical methods, it separates relevant information from the noise, detects events and visualizes them in customizable views.

  • Unavailable services
  • High latency
  • Unusual network loads
  • Misuse of a variety of communication protocols
  • Use of non-compliance encryption
  • Alien or unknown devices


  • Automation: The solution collects, filters, processes and analyzes data to identify degradations and failures.
  • Workflow optimization: Cut the time spent on manual analysis and investigation to make room for strategic activities.
  • Proof of accountability: Own hard data to show which of the application delivery chain is at fault and who is responsible for remedy.
  • Troubleshooting: Flowmon’s noiseless insight will help you pinpoint the exact cause of degradations, so you may act before business is harmed.
  • Reducing network visibility TCO: Avoid functional overlap and gain full visibility across your entire IT environment in one comprehensive solution.
  • Fast time to value: Streamlined deployment, user enablement, predefined views, dashboards and reports. From deployment to data on the dashboard in just 30 minutes.

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