Flowmon, a Clever Solution for the Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO's responsibilities in recent years have shifted from the administration of IT security tools to complex risk management. The head of information security is more than ever involved in development and maintaining security-related processes across the organization. On one hand, the CISO must lead a team of security experts, prioritize risks and allocate resources. On the other hand, the CISO must supervise the integration of IT systems development with information protection policies.

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Strengthen your IT environment with advanced security technology

Having responsibility for identifying and mitigating operational risks, security-related policies, data privacy and access management, the CISO needs relevant information to supervise all these issues. Flowmon network security solution brings the head of enterprise security such awareness. Flowmon Dashboard keeps the CISO always informed about what is happening in a network via automated reports, the right analytics and visualizations. Reporting capabilities allows a way to define the top-level reports for the CISO on a regular basis to have valid information for decision making, or evidence data to prove the need of infrastructure extension.

Flowmon delivers detailed visibility of network communication and thus an important information platform for the optimization of the three pillars of modern information security: prevention, detection, reaction. The CISO can find information about bandwidth usage, top downloaders and anomalies detected in one place (behavior anomaly detection), well-arranged and visualized with an option to quick drill-down. Flowmon also allows a way to identify threats that bypass traditional security tools, such as firewall, antivirus or IDS system, so it is a decisive solution to strengthen the entire IT environment.

Flowmon brings to CISO these benefits:

  • Real-time insight into the network traffic and historical statistics for further analysis
  • Advanced Network Behavior Analysis Technology
  • Easy integration with other security processes and systems
  • Top-level reporting on network performance, operational and security issues
  • Accurate data for decision making and optimization of IT environment
  • Shorten MTTR when security incident occurs
"KempFlowmon provides us with network visibility which we had previously lacked. Thanks to the integration with standard security incident process management, we have increased our ability to identify incidents and react in a timely manner."
Jan Adamovsky
CISO of Slovenska Sporitelna

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