Flowmon to Support Business Information Technology Management

The role of a chief information officer (CIO) has shifted significantly in recent years. The leaders of enterprise IT are more than ever responsible for aligning IT with business needs. They are in the front line of the digital transformation of the organisation which opens the doors to new products/services and supports the company’s growth. To do that, there must be certainty that the CIO can count on a reliable and well-secured network. Flowmon brings that certainty.

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Ensure a high quality of delivered services

The added value generated by an organisation is still more and more affected by technology. It follows that the CIO is not only responsible for the proper functions of IT systems. The head of corporate IT also takes care of innovations, business digital strategy and supporting the profitability. All of this while keeping economic effectiveness in mind. Kemp Flowmon brings the CIO an awareness of key areas of network infrastructure and helps to support the company’s goals. The solution allows a way to ensure a high quality of delivered services, protect the company’s wealth against today’s threats that bypass traditional security solutions and enhance satisfaction of the users of business IT. Flowmon is a strategic tool which brings benefits across an entire IT department. It significantly simplifies network administration, helps to find opportunities for innovations and allows a way to avoid financial and reputation losses caused by security breaches and attacks. With specialized Flowmon modules, the IT department can broaden its services delivered to the organisation by network behavior anomaly detection, protection against DDoS attacks, application performance monitoring or full packet capture.

Flowmon brings CIO a powerful tool to:

  • Control and optimize network operational costs
  • Network capacity planning and development for the smooth running of business services
  • Improve the quality of services, easy control over SLA compliance
  • Reduce wasting resources, better use of capabilities and time of IT personnel
  • Managerial reporting on network use, its performance and security
"Flowmon gives us a proactive tool for the debugging, redesign and planning of our ICT environment."
Milan Zmarzlak
Head of the ICT Department at Kofola

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