Unified Network Visibility and Security Solution to Streamline Incident Response

Enable your network and security teams to work cross-functionally on markedly quicker incident resolution. Establish true NetSecOps!

Allow teams to speak the same language

The traditional view is that NetOps and SecOps are independent silos with different technologies and processes. But in the event of data leakage, outage or performance degradation, it doesn’t matter what the root cause is. What matters is resolving the incident as quickly and efficiently as possible so that business isn’t harmed.

Infrastructure design & deployment​

Complete visibility helps in capacity planning, performance management same as for fine tuning new firewall.

Incident monitoring, investigation, response

Get the network view on protection against threats and create complete incident strategy including the response handling.

Policy verification and enforcement​​

Take care of out-of-date SSL certificates, policy non-compliant certificates, encryption strength and old TLS versions.

Optimize spending

Avoid unnecessary costs and insight fragmentation from disparate toolsets. Kemp Flowmon places network & application performance monitoring and network threat detection under one hood.

Foster collaboration

Provide a single source of truth to your network, application, and security teams to allow them to collaborate, automate their routine, and reduce their response time.

Reduce risk

Leverage decisive evidence to enforce policy compliance, observe unwanted behavior, and evaluate data access in real time.

Minimize breach impact

Detect threats in their infancy and respond to the adversary's every movement to contain developing incidents before they impact the users.

"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before." Flowmon answered SEGA's requirements for a high-quality solution for deep insight and fast troubleshooting of network traffic from multiple branches and facilities.
Masahiro Sato
Operations Network Engineer at SEGA

Flowmon ADS

Detect and Stop ransomware!

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