Intelligent Behavioral Analysis

The software package "Intelligent Behavioral Analysis" is a set of modules developed in the Smart ADS project (TA CR) for the analysis and classification of network traffic. The goal of these modules is the automatic acquisition of information through passive monitoring of the network infrastructure and the creation of a list of active devices and network services. According to the types of output information, the package contains three categories of software modules: i) Recognition of the operating system and client software, ii) Recognition of application services, iii) Other modules (e.g., monitoring device activity over time). The modules continuously export the detected information in the standard JSON format. This data can be further machine processed or presented to the user as additional information about the network infrastructure and connected devices.

Type: R - Software

Keyword: network traffic analysis; classification; detection; software modules; JSON

Licence: Licensor (Flowmon Networks a.s.) requests a license fee.