Artificial intelligence for knowledge derivation

Annotation: The "Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Derivation" software package contains a set of algorithms implemented in Python using the Jupyter notebook platform. The developed software prototypes of algorithms are focused on i) aggregation of information obtained from network traffic, ii) extrapolation of information at any time, iii) combination of information from different sources using information fusion model and finally iv) time series analysis (anomaly detection and periodic behavior detection). In summary, this result is used to derive knowledge of network traffic and active devices with respect to the higher degree of reliability of the assigned labels. The software package is the result of the work package three of the Smart ADS project (TA ČR) and uses data represented as so-called "data-points" (based on the standard JSON format).


Type: R - Software

Keyword: knowledge derivation; network traffic analysis; artificial intelligence; machine learning

Licence: Licensor (Flowmon Networks a.s.) requests a license fee