Flowmon IoT Monitoring and Diagnostic Toolset

Flowmon IoT Monitoring & Diagnostic Toolset integrates individual parsers of select IoT/SCADA protocols as plugins for Flowmon Probe and implements support for processing of specific protocol metadata on Flowmon Collector. Processing means collection and storage of data exported via IPFIX protocol, profiling (definition of specific view on monitored traffic), manual data filtering and analysis, definition of reports, dashboards and alerts. Supported protocols areCoAP, IEC104, DLMS, IEC61850 (version Goose and MMS).
  • Type: R - Software
  • Keyword: IoT, SCADA, industry control systems, CoAP, IEC104, DLMS, IEC61850, network traffic monitoring
  • License: Licensor (Flowmon Networks) requests a license fee.