Flowmon exporter module for packet capture

The delivered result is a software module of Flowmon exporter which is implementing effective support for packet capture for 100 Gbps Ethernet. Software module supports NIC cards by Netcope Technologies (NFB-200G2QL and NFB-200G2Q). The result is already available as a commercial extension module Flowmon Traffic Recorder version 10.x. Implementation is performed to support also NIC cards from different vendors with interfaces for higher speed networks. Card used in the system is automatically recognized. Packet capture is based on a list of rules for L2-L4, or L7 which can be combined into complex filters using AND, OR, NOT operators. The capture can be planned as a task started in provided time. Probe forwards captured packets to Collector which stores them into PCAP files. PCAP files are stored separately for each rule. It is possible to capture up to 1000 parallel rules and store up to 500 Mbps of traffic.

Type: R - Software

Keyword: Packet capture; Flowmon exporter; NetFlow; IPFIX; 100 Gbps Ethernet

Licence: Licensor (Flowmon Networks a.s.) requests a license fee. The result is used by the owner.