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Let Flowmon be the enabler of your telecommuting policy. In spring 2020, the world started working from home. The number of remote users tipped over from a handful to a majority basically overnight. What may have initially appeared as a few short-term fixes rapidly grew into a full-scale digital transformation of the way organizations work.

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"54% of HR leaders indicated that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working in their organization."
Coronavirus in Mind: Make Remote Work Successful!

When a large number of users try to access company resources from home, they have to pass through a bottleneck at the business-internet edge. A situation like this is a recipe for traffic congestion, which naturally needs resolving, but the question is how.

  • How do you know if slow service delivery is due to insufficient VPN performance or insufficient uplink capacity?
  • How do you know if remote access is properly secured?
  • How do you verify the safety of every personal device that employees connect from?
  • And how can Flowmon help with this?

The answer to all these questions is network transparency

Flowmon provides insight into the structure of network traffic and user behavior so that you know precisely how to optimize telecommuter traffic, eliminate latency issues, and ensure users can work safely and productively.

Check out the set of best practices on network monitoring during telework.

Provincia di Cuneo
“We have a responsibility to the public to keep our infrastructure functioning reliably for an indefinite length of time. Because of the pandemic, we had to quickly adapt to new circumstances and Flowmon has been integral to the transformation.”
Dott. Alessandro Risso
IT Director

Get maximum from the network

Improve productivity

Make sure your users don’t suffer errors or delays and have the proper conditions to work well.

Reduce risk and minimize breach impact

Enforce compliance policies, oversee unwanted behavior, and evaluate data access in real-time. Investigate efficiently to reduce response time and allow early threat containment.

One source of truth

The ability of both NetOps and SecOps teams to draw information from a shared platform enables them to better coordinate decisions

Control the cloud

Utilize native support of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud and monitor all your cloud assets with on-prem-like fidelity.

How does it work?


Obtain network telemetry Record layer 3-7 transactions Establish full network visibility


Utilize in-depth analysis engine Identify unknown traffic Provide network assurance


Detect security breaches Track network performance Utilize AI, ML & more


Go proactive, not reactive Ascertain degradation Block unwanted traffic

Flowmon measures network telemetry and gives you information such as the number of concurrent users, bandwidth usage, or top talkers. By measuring network delay (round-trip time) and distinguishing it from application delay (server response time), it shows you whether issues lie with your network or the service provider.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll know whether you need to up VPN licenses, increase bandwidth, or if you are low on hardware resources. That means no more of those pesky complaints about choppy connection during online meetings.

Use presets to get the insights in minutes

In addition, Flowmon features presets for the monitoring of the most widespread videoconferencing tools (e.g. Cisco Webex, Zoom) to make it easier to accommodate their increased use.

Monitoring the Active Directory will tell you if access is being ensured or threatened. The solution detects and reports on anomalous behaviors, picking up Indicators of Compromise and using a multitude of other methods to discover infiltration by ransomware or other types of attack.

This approach is an absolute must-have especially given the increased number of personal devices where it’s often impossible to enforce the company security policy.

Consolidate tools to fit the budget

Thankfully, Flowmon, with its sensible price model, will not break the bank and, what is more, will integrate seamlessly with your other tools. It can even maximize your prior investments into infrastructure by utilizing existing appliances as sources of data to use for incident response.

Supported vendors

Kemp, IBM, Juniper, Hillstone, Fortinet, Cisco, VMware, Azure, AWS, IXIA, Gigamon, HP ArcSight, Splunk, McAfee, Allied Telesis, Google Cloud

We cannot predict how long the pandemic will stay or how many lockdowns there may be. The fact remains businesses have to continue functioning beyond any emergency.

It only comes down to the question of preparedness and with Flowmon at your side, you’ll be ready for anything.


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