Network Traffic Monitoring

Do you know who communicates with whom, when, how long and how often in your network? Flowmon is a flow-based network traffic monitoring tool that has been developed to provide these answers and manage corporate infrastructure with confidence. By using Flowmon, administrators get an instant insight into network traffic structure to check its utilization, to find stations most loading the crucial connections, to plan capacity properly or control QoS.

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A comprehensive insight into network traffic

What is the origin of this unexpected network anomaly? Which device or user is responsible for the traffic increase? What protocols and services are involved in this situation? Flowmon is a modern flow-based tool providing administrators with appropriate answers to these questions as well as to many others. In one well-arranged GUI it delivers an instant, clearly visualized insight into network traffic and keeps administrators permanently informed via customizable reports, which deliver exactly the information they need.

Flowmon utilizes flow data statistics generated by routers, switches or by specialized standalone hardware probes. It provides in-depth information about network communication including source and destination IP addresses, data volumes, time, ports, protocols and other technical characteristics of TCP/IP communication in the third and fourth network layer. Additionally, the solution is able to enrich flow data with user identity information or even L7 information (DNS visibility, application, URL, host OS, etc.) when using Flowmon Probes.

Benefits of Flowmon network traffic monitoring solution:

  • Instant view to the network traffic organized into well-arranged statistics and charts
  • Easy-to-use web GUI
  • User defined filters to monitor specific traffic, in fact any of collected data can be used as parameter when filtering (e.g. combination of ports, protocols, source and destination IP´s and other parameters)
  • Drill down to any to any particular traffic of our interest

How does it work?

Network traffic monitoring generates statistics both on the underlying data transfers when abstracting from packets, and the subject of the communication itself (the content of the communication is not stored). These statistics represent the flow data in the network, which can be thought of as similar to a list of telephone calls. We know who communicates with whom, when, how long and how often; but we do not know what the subject of the conversation is.

NetFlow statistics are provided by network devices (routers, switches, load balancers) or by specialised standalone hardware probes. For the full utilisation of flow data, we need a NetFlow collector which is responsible for collecting, storing, displaying, reporting and analysing network statistics. Thanks to this, the network administrator is provided with an immediate overview of traffic structure, reporting on data network utilisation, as well as a powerful troubleshooting tool.

"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before." Flowmon answered SEGA's requirements for a high-quality solution for deep insight and fast troubleshooting of network traffic from multiple branches and facilities.
Masahiro Sato
Operations Network Engineer at SEGA

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