Cloud Traffic Visibility

Get the level of visibility as if you were monitoring your on-premise infrastructure.

Collect, report, analyse and troubleshoot your cloud traffic with a truly cloud-focused performance and security monitoring tool. Deploy Flowmon seamlessly into your cloud infrastructure via several options or enjoy a fully-featured NPMD appliance available on Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure marketplaces with Google Cloud to be announced soon.

Identify Root Causes of Service Degradation

By using network sensors called Flowmon Probes - passive virtual appliances - Flowmon extracts network telemetry data from IaaS environments for performance monitoring, as well as for traffic recording and consecutive analysis.

Flowmon also provides a non-intrusive approach to isolate the root-cause of network failures and performance bottlenecks by measuring a set of performance metrics. These metrics, among others, distinguish between network delay (transport time) and application delay (Web and DB service response time). This helps to understand which team or colleague to contact for resolving incidents while providing hard evidence of the root-cause, scope and impact.

  • Access to cloud traffic data for analysis.
  • Single pane of glass across hybrid and heterogeneous environments.
  • A variety of data extraction methods, including native cloud traffic mirroring from Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Passive performance monitoring of real-user traffic. 
  • Drill down to the level of individual transactions between client, web and DB services.
  • System tailored for network operations’ needs.
How Flowmon Gets Cloud Traffic Data

Native Traffic Mirroring

Enjoy native traffic mirroring from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google clouds. Receive raw network packets by using VxLAN tunnelling from a virtual interface to Flowmon. This data is processed by Flowmon Probes that extract network telemetry data from L2-L7 (IPFIX) and full packets.

Third-party vTAP

Virtual TAP mirrors traffic to the monitoring ports of Flowmon Collector (a built-in feature to generate IPFIX/NetFlow). Some 3rd party agents also provide IPFIX data directly instead of raw network traffic. Flowmon supports vTaps from major vendors such as IXIA, Gigamon and Nubeva.


ERSPAN/GRE works in a similar way to port mirroring over L3. It provides a copy of network traffic to Flowmon Probe. This approach is employed by customers who use 3rd party infrastructure components such as VMware VDS switch, Cisco CSR 1000V rather than native ones.


The native cloud feature provides CSV/JSON log files with a similar content like NetFlow v5 that has information used to reconstruct traffic charts and other information. Supported format is AWS VPC FlowLogs.
Flowmon Cloud Traffic Visibility Scheme

Deployment in Minutes, Support for Heterogeneous Environments

Flowmon is available to download from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure marketplaces and takes only moments to deploy:

You can choose whether to host Flowmon in a private or public cloud, a virtual environment or as a HW in a data centre. No matter what your preferences are, a single dashboard will always provide visibility across your entire IT landscape.
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