Agentless Performance Monitoring to Drive Application Value

Applications are usually the only part of the IT environment visible to the end users. So that ensuring a high quality user experience is crucial for application-driven business. For years, transaction simulations and software agents on servers were only resource demanding ways how to achieve this. Network traffic monitoring proves that there is a better way how to identify and resolve performance issues and enhance user experience.

Improve troubleshooting, enhance customer experience

High demands on application availability and reliability have made application performance management of crucial importance for every business. Are your critical web applications running smoothly? Are your employees struggling with errors, slow response times or the wrong configuration of branch applications? To answer these questions, IT operations personnel must have detailed information on the true application performance and understand how every application behaves to every user in real-time.

Network traffic monitoring and analysis is an innovative, agent-less approach to application performance monitoring. It provides a deep insight into application characteristics which give a true picture about how every application behaves to every user in real-time. In contrary to the traditional agent-based approach, it provides IT pros with:

  • Independency on platform, operating system or target application
  • Transparent solution with no influence on the application and infrastructure
  • Deployment in a matter of minutes
  • Affordable solution with rational and controlled costs

Benefits of Flowmon APM

  • Advanced network traffic analysis technology to drive application value
  • Unique APM index concept – one number expressing application performance in terms of meeting SLA
  • Quick time-to-value with a pre-configured set of tools and reports
  • Application monitoring with reasonable costs and cloud delivery support
  • Easy installation and intuitive UX to simplify administration
  • Ultimate tool to distinguish between application, network and database related issues
Pharma Mall
"The Flowmon APM gives us the most cost effective opportunity for monitoring our applications. The biggest benefit of this solution is that everything is done without any changes or performance impacts on the application platform."
Stefan Feller
Head of IT at Pharma Mall

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