Mastering Incident Response: A Guide to Becoming a Proficient Security Analyst with Progress Flowmon ADS

On-Demand Webinar

Progress hosted an interactive webinar on how you and your team master incident response and become proficient security analysts with Progress Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS).  

In this session, Pavel Minarik, VP, Technology at Progress, will delve into analyzing and comprehending events detected by Flowmon ADS and will simulate an attack scenario showing the system in action.  
Watch our webinar and learn how to: 

  • Refine your workflows based on different perspectives  
  • Simplify your incident responses by creating more thorough drilldowns of your infrastructure 
  • Inform your team of threats based on robust insights and information 
  • Join us to obtain best practices on breaking down the analysis process and strategies for enhancing your cybersecurity capabilities. Register now! 


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