Intelligent Network Monitoring and Visibility — and Why It Matters

As today’s networks grow increasingly complex, your network application and security teams are all struggling with network communications, hidden threats and misconfigurations. Each of these issues allows various vectors, increasing the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident. Often an incident occurs because an organization lacks a single pane of view, the right information sharing, and an automated, inter-departmental workflow. The solution is a combination of network anomaly detection and response automation, deep network traffic analysis and data collection, which together can provide clear insights into “what’s really going on” in your environment. In this webinar, Progress solutions expert Filip Cerny will introduce you to Network Detection and Response (NDR) and discuss:

  • Why network visibility matters
  • How to use network visibility in daily cross-department operations (and get the most out of it)
  • Why network visibility is key to building a resilient security architecture
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