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Zero Trust Demystified: Pragmatic Guidance on Best Practices and Pitfalls to Strengthen Your Security

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Compliance and Regulation for Saudi Arabia with Flowmon

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Ransomware - Everything You Need to Know

Ransomware is malware that employs encryption to hold a victim's information at ransom.
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Compliance and Regulation with Flowmon

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Resilient Cybersecurity with Network Detection and Response

In this whitepaper, you will learn the benefits of Network Detection and Response tools and how adding them to the solutions already deployed in your network infrastructure can improve your security posture.
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Choosing the Right Network Observability Platform for Highly Distributed Environments

Choosing the Right Network Observability Platform for Highly Distributed Environments

SPARK Matrix™: Network Detection and Response (NDR), 2022

This research service includes a detailed analysis of the global Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution market dynamics, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning analysis.
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Cybersecurity Outlook: 2023

Read our latest report, “Cybersecurity Outlook: 2023” to identify key insights evolving security threats and emerging attack patterns that will keep your business one step ahead of cyber attackers.
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How to Transform Your Network Operations with Flow Data

Learn more about the technical background of Flowmon Enriched Flow Data technology, which enables you to resolve 95% of all troubleshooting cases.
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Optimizing Application Experience, Monitoring and Security: A Holistic Look

This whitepaper discusses the new challenges IT teams face and summarises approaches to the challenges derived from a roundtable dialogue among IT decision makers.
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EMA Radar Report: Network Performance Management

EMA Radar report provides insights about NPM vendors to help IT organizations choose the best network performance management solution depending on the organizational maturity of each vendor, budget ...
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Advanced Analysis of Data Network Traffic

E-book dives deep into the secrets of flow-based network monitoring to show you what can covered with flow.
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Research on Encrypted Traffic Threats

It has been estimated that encrypted traffic provides the cover for almost half of today’s cyber-attacks. Get a snapshot of the encrypted traffic challenges.
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Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Encryption as a security measure created a grey zone of traffic with unlimited space for attackers to hide their activity. Learn how to work with it.
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Flowmon ADS

Detect and Stop ransomware!

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