Flowmon Monitoring Center

A powerful analytical tool that digests and visualizes NetFlow statistics, providing information about the structure and volume of traffic.

Understanding what is happening in the network is key to ensuring the smooth running and security of any modern organization. Flowmon Monitoring Center (FMC) provides network administrators and security engineers with such insight in the form of deep network traffic visibility and a comfortable interface to do it in.

Monitoring Center Features

BYOD Monitoring

Monitor BYOD traffic to get visibility and control over connected devices. Passive device fingerprinting allows you to identify the device manufacturer, OS and web browser. Extend this with the real user identity (i.e. username or hostname) by using logs from any authentication system to get more control.

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Bandwidth Monitoring

Optimise capacity planning, peering agreements and take control over bandwidth usage. With hard data about top users, devices, applications and services you can make effective decisions to save costs on infrastructure and connectivity.

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Network and Server Latency Tracking

Identify performance bottlenecks across the entire IT infrastructure. Transparent monitoring technology delivers metrics about network and server delays, and also network transmission stability (jitter, retransmissions).

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Real-time NetFlow/IPFIX Monitoring

Reduce downtime and fix performance issues by analysing network traffic metadata collected from your physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure.

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Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Assess encrypted traffic in real-time to simplify the enforcement of security and compliance policies.Monitor expired and non-compliant certificates, inspect encryption strength, block unwanted TLS versions, non-compliant clients and undesirable communication. No decryption is needed, keeping privacy of the communication.

Encrypted traffic analytics
Drill Down to any Communication

Get to the incident root cause quickly. User friendly drill down and filtering capabilities to any communication ensure you have the required data for your analysis in a non-sampled, non-aggregated form.

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Advanced Reporting and Alerting

Receive relevant alerts only. With advanced filters you can create custom rules based on a variety of data fields (IP, port, hostname, OS, protocol, ASN and much more). Full control over the triggering mechanism and automatic actions (SNMP, syslog, email, triggered packet capture, custom scripts) included.

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SaaS Performance Monitoring

Identify poor latency and to track the root cause of unavailability using Server and Network response time, Jitter and other metrics. The solution is deployed in the customer's network in a matter of minutes with no need to install agents or testing scripts.

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Customised Dashboards

Understand network traffic structure, identify top talkers, bandwidth usage, latency issues. All in easily understandable charts and statistics. Use the off-the-shelf dashboard, create your own or shared group dashboards.

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Enriched Flow Data

Flowmon analyses packets and extracts the most useful information from L2, L3-L4 and L7 layers even within encapsulated traffic. Then it generates IPFIX records that are NetFlow enriched with additional data. This allows scaling network analytics across the entire IT environment while keeping the level of detail for troubleshooting and forensics.

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A Tool That Gives You a Thorough Grasp of Network Traffic

FMC is a professional tool for effective IPFIX/NetFlow statistics analysis. It is optimized for processing and visualization of high amounts of statistical data. It offers pre-defined widgets and charts displaying statistics intuitively in transparent graphs and tables for various time windows. FMC further allows advanced users to specify requests and filters on stored NetFlow data, enabling them to quickly and easily find particular communications, incidents or anomalies.
FMC allows users to customize notifications and alerts to learn about undesirable occurrences or anomalies in time.

  • Transparent Network. Get real-time visualization of everything passing through your on-premise, software-defined and cloud networks. 
  • Reduced MTTR. Enable your network & security administrators to perform troubleshooting and ticket resolution with far greater speed.

  • Hard Evidence. Get a single source of truth for all your IT departments. Make informed decisions without delay.

  • Optimization. Use clear data for confident drill-down analysis. Remove bottlenecks with ease.

  • Customization. Export data using a tool of your choice. Configure widgets to show precisely what you need to see. Clear data, no clutter.

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