Deal with Security Threats and Operational Issues Confidently

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System is at the forefront of the technology-driven battle against modern cyber threats that bypass traditional perimeter and endpoint security. Whenever new security or operational issues arise, Flowmon ADS is the light providing IT professionals with detailed network visibility and powerful behavior analytics to take decisive actions and manage the network with confidence.

Anomaly Detection System

Dominance over modern cyber threats

Flowmon ADS Overview


Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a powerful network security tool providing engineers with dominance over modern threats. Utilizing sophisticated network behavior analysis, an advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning, it permanently observes and analyses data communication seeking anomalies and revealing suspicious behavior. Thanks to this ADS automatically eliminates risks that bypass traditional solutions such as firewall, IDS/IPS or antivirus. The solution provides administrators with accurate information on what is happening in the network, taking the entire network security to the next level while saving time and money.

Flowmon ADS is a comprehensive solution to reveal operational problems and keep a network secure. The main advantage over standard IDS systems and SNMP monitoring lies in the orientation on the overall behavior of devices in the network revealing suspicious behavior. This also enables a response to still unknown or specific threats for which the signature is not available.


  • Full-range of detection methods. Detect network traffic anomalies (DNS, DHCP, etc.), undesired devices behavior, attacks on network services (port scanning, dictionary attacks, DDoS), unwanted applications, viruses, botnets, country reputation, etc. Automatically.
  • Simple installation and ease of use. In 30 minutes you will have a comprehensive NBA solution up and running. A well-arranged dashboard provides interactive visualization of events with detailed drill-down to the level of individual data transmissions.
  • Proactive Security against modern threats. Utilize predefined methods for detection of undesirable behavior patterns. Flowmon ADS proactively identifies and stops advanced threats, botnets, unknown malware, DDoS and more.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting. Flowmon ADS delivers real-time monitoring of security and operational issues for both physical and virtual environments. Benefit from e-mail notifications and export of events available in various formats (syslog, SNMP, CSV).
  • Complementary. Deploy ADS literally in every network. No matter if you run a virtual or physical network, what fabric with what flow data standard you use or how large your network is. Benefit from vast integration capabilities including native SIEM integration.
  • Maximum flow data utilization. Flowmon ADS supports all flow data standards (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, jFlow, NetStream), NBAR2, analysis of HTTP information, MAC addresses and VoIP attributes. Integration with SIEM systems delivers maximum flow data utilization.

Full functionality in 30 minutes

Flowmon Formula

Watch the introduction video

Watch this webinar and learn how Flowmon ADS helps security experts to protect their networks from today's cyber threats. During the webinar you will learn about:

  • Principles of network behavior analysis and its role in IT security landscape

  • Importance of active network protection

  • Features of Flowmon ADS and typical use cases

  • User interface and workflow of Flowmon ADS


Flowmon ADS is a software module for Flowmon Collector or Flowmon Probe. The deployment process is very simple enabling you to have a complete Network Behavior Analysis solution in a few minutes. Anomaly detection services are pre-configured enabling rapid deployment with limited need for time consuming configuration and customization. Optimized deployment models are available for any kind of network including enterprise networks, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and backbone operators.

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"The biggest benefit is the automatic detection of attacks and traffic anomalies with detailed information about particular events, including involved flows. This functionality decreases the time needed to evaluate potential risks so we can focus on other important activities knowing that everything is under control.“

Robert Grabowski, Security Expert of ICT systems at Orange

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